What can one can expect to see in this film from the twisted mind of indie horror extraordinaire James Cullen Bressack? Uninhibited chaos for all horror fans to appreciate! Trae Ireland plays Jack, an ex-cop out on a camping trip with three of his buddies Quentin, Joe and Trevor (played by Jody Barton, J. Scott "Nihilist Gelo" and Bill Voorhees) when Jack begins to notice the time on his watch and on the radio in their car both say 13:13. And unbeknownst to them, the date is one that unleashes the violent primal urges in all people. A new month has been created and hell is unleashed upon the world...well, except for those who were born on leap year. They seemingly aren't affected.



 As the gang takes Jack back home so he can pick up his daughter Kendra (played shockingly well by Tiffany Martinez), he is confronted by a sudden breakdown his ex-wife Marcy (played by Calico Cooper, actress and daughter of shock rocker Alice Cooper) is having. He leaves his daughter under the care of his three friends as he takes Marcy to the hospital. From there, that chaos I mentioned, it commences, and that's when he meets Candace (played wonderfully by Erin Coker) is a mother who has lost her child and is like Jack, born on leap year, totally unaffected by whatever hell is turning everyone into insane murderers. Erin manages to add a lot heart and soul to her character, even playing against someone like Jack who seems to be battling his own demons. Candace is a lovely contrast to Jack, she is his anchor when he's on the edge of losing it  As murdering chaos spills over onto the city, it's shocking, it's brutal and completely unhinged! When it comes to violence it's a free for all that doesn't leave a safe place for anyone to hide! Every special and makeup effect, subtle and in-your-face, are meant to be cringe worthy and gut-wrenching.



James Cullen Bressack (who also wrote the film) doesn't waste time in providing you with enough startling and gory images and scenes that will surely satisfy any horror fan! All performances, as well as direction, were solid in bringing forth hysteria and maddening energy! From I saw in the film, what I took from it was that it doesn't take much for people to regress back to primitive beings.This horror picture doesn't play around, it doesn't really want you to have fun watching it - More than anything, it's only goal is to disturb you and scare you! And it definitely achieves this goal!


13/13/13 Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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