The Haunting of Alice D Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"





Writer/Director: Jessica Sonneborn

Starring: Kane Hodder, Juan Riedinger, Megan Hensley, Kristina Page, Jessica Sonneborn

Rating: Unrated

Running Time: 1h 25min

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Country/Language: USA/English

Year: 2014

Where You Can See It: Amazon



With there being oodles of movies about hauntings in the horror community, it stands to reason that there will be some stinkers. However there are some that just surprise the living hell out of you! I won't lie, I have seen so many of these types of films that in my mind, they have become stagnant. My interest levels are diminishing at a rapid rate. The Haunting of Alice D is one that doesn't get misplaced in the deepest caverns of your mind once you've seen it. It's one that even if some time has gone by and someone asks you about that film, you're going to immediately recall it, whether you enjoyed it or not depends on the person, but you will remember it. Personally I myself enjoy it! And here's why...


The Haunting of Alice D. tells the story about a woman and her younger sister in the 1890's, who get sold into prostitution in a brothel, held in a place called the Davenport House. Long after her death, the ghost of Alice still roams the house, and she will make her presence known during a private party held in the house and thrown by the descendant of the man who ran the original brothel! This is a big part of why I really enjoyed the movie, the scares don't really start happening until well into the story/film! And why? Because it wanted to explore who the people were that attended the party. There is a general sense of creepiness that settles in as the movie goes on and the scares really doesn't begin until well into the 3rd act! That was refreshing to me seeing as how many movies like this one will play into the same old formula we've all seen time and time again. Furthermore I think what I found disturbing was the sexual objectification of the female characters and how they were treated. Now granted, these characters are known as prostitutes in the story, however, the way the male characters treat them I found disturbing. On the flip side of the coin, there is this re-occurring theme of sisterhood. And I found that to keep the story grounded and gave it some heart. With a great cast; one that includes the likes of Juan Riedinger, Megan Hensley, Jessica Sooneborn (who also wrote her directorial debut), and the great Kane Hodder, you're in for a well constructed and well performed sexy, scary, genuinely creepy, psychological horror hit! If this is Jessica's first time directing, then I do look forward to seeing more films directed by her!

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