Innsmouth Movie Review

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


Ok so I'm not gonna give away too many details about this 10 minute gem, instead I will give you 2 names: Izzy Lee and Tristan Risk! They are also 2 reasons why you should watch this film! Very briefly, Innsmouth is about a Detective (played by Diana Porter) investigating a bizarre murder. But her investigation will lead her to a mysterious town called Innsmouth, ran by the devious Alice Marsh (played by the incomparable Tristan Risk). Not to mention Izzy herself has a small part in the film!
Last year Izzy came out with a fantastically horrific short entitled Picket - Which you can find as Episode Six on the YouTube Channel for the wickedly fun Fear Haus, hosted by Blair Bathory! Picket also stars Diana Porter, clearly an actress with great talent and who is able to sink into any role with ease.
What I love about Innsmouth is Izzy's fearlessness in showing you things you were not at all expecting to see! There are some extremely startling imagery in this picture that will certainly stick with you after you've seen it. And if you're a fan of author H.P. Lovecraft and his particular story, "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", you will be left wondering if there's a connection between the location in Izzy's story and Lovecraft's story. If there is, it would be a tremendously badass connection! And hey, if not, it most definitely does not take away from the fact that this Innsmouth is without a doubt an extremely eerie dangerous place I wouldn't ever want to find myself in if I were a character in a story!
If you appreciate short films, and even more so, Short Horror Films, you will be able to totally appreciate this short! For Izzy Lee is a filmmaker to be reckoned with and whose films should be watched with glee! Also, keep an eye out for her next upcoming psychological horror short, Postpartum!
Izzy Lee + Tristan Risk + Diana Porter = A Triple Threat that makes Innsmouth a Short Horror Triumph!

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