Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie Review

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


Hold on to your seats because this is a spy movie like you've never seen one before!


Ok, here's the low down on just how fantastically fun and awesome this flick is -


The plot is quite simple: A secret spy organization recruits a teen (played by Jonno Davies) straight out of a broken home and wants only the best for his mother and baby sibling, but things certainly get in his way, like bullies, an abusive father-like figure that his mother has mistakenly gotten together with, and his repeated run ins with the law. So he is approached by a well dressed, well spoken gentleman by the name of Harry Hart (played by consummate actor Colin Firth), whom he soon realizes has skills and gadgets that no normal individual would really know or have.


The boy is trained with inventive tests and tactics to make him a better spy, intellectually and physically. It is then that the organization is faced with a dangerous villain with a lisp that makes it challenging for anyone to really take him seriously, his name - Valentine (played hilariously by the always entertaining Samuel L. Jackson). And he is hell bent on sending the world into a crazed killing state to wipe each other out!


The movie is effective in the way it's filmed, as it presents you with outrageous violent action sequences, insanely cool fight scenes with choreography that will make you say "Whoa, what in the world did I just see?!" and biting British humor that will make you literally Laugh Out Loud!


The reason you're getting all of this badassery in one film is because it's directed by Matthew Vaughn, best known by his other super fun movies, Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class! Other incredible actors you will certainly recognize in this exciting action adventure picture are: Mark Strong and two other film

icons - Mark Hamill (yes that Mark Hamill) and the impeccable Michael Caine!


I mean really, how many more reasons do you need to see this tremendously entertaining ride?! Don't waste anymore time reading this and just go out and see this movie any way you can - Buy it, rent it, see it online. I promise you, you won't be disappointed!


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