In the world of Independent Films, Paddy Murphy is a name to be reckoned with! Even if you yourself have not heard of him, guaranteed you know someone who knows somebody who knows somebody else who knows the name and is familiar with his work. His shorts are unforgettable once you've seen them. He's crafted 10 shorts thus far, and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon! What I find 100% satisfying about the work of Paddy Murphy is that he can give you a smorgasbord of different genres of films! He won't allow himself to be pigeonholed to one type of genre, and with each film make you feel a variety of emotions. From the 10 short films he has made, I have had the distinct pleasure to see 6. Those being: The Cheesebox, Framed, The Three Don'ts, I.R.I.S., Ensnared, and I Love/Need You.


"The Cheesebox" is a profoundly dramatic piece that takes place in Ireland in the 50's. about an Irish Family Man who must make a pilgrimage to bury a family member, that at the same time went against the Irish Catholic Church at that time. It's made quite clear, through the emotional journey the man makes, that this is a deeply personal film for Paddy. The emotionality is quite abundant and the performances are truly authentic, as given by Kevin Kiely Jr! "Framed" plays on suspense in a very simplistic but effective way in which a night guard watches after an abandoned warehouse, but horrors await him! "The Three Don'ts" is a crime short that packs a comedic edge to it; it involves 2 friends who take on a chance to score some good money from a group of drug dealers. The only thing is they have to follow 3 simple rules. I.R.I.S. quite a humorous short that is about a woman who is about to find out her husband may not exactly be the man she knew! "I Love/Need You" and "Ensnared" both involve blurring the line between fantasy and reality. "I Love/Need You" is a darkly romantic tale that asks how well do you know your significant other? "Ensnared" is about a fairly isolated man who witnesses something traumatizing in a river, and is tormented by what he saw. When I watched it, there was a feeling that I had been watching a dark Egdar Allan Poe type of poetic story come to life! 


The work of Paddy Murphy are all different and yet there is something so singular and palpable that connects them all. If you haven't yet I highly recommend you familiarizing yourself with his films! 


Paddy Murphy Film Collection Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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