ABCs of Death 2.5 Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"




Directors: Travis Betz, Zac Blair, Ryan Bosworth, Peter Czikrai, Steve Daniels, Baris Erdogan, Carlos Faria, Todd E. Freeman, Rodrigo Gasparini, Brett Glassberg, Nicholas Humphries, Summer Johnson, Clint Kelly, Cody Kennedy, Jason M. Koch, Ama Lea, Wolfgang Matzl, Alvaro Nunez, Eric Pennycoff, Peter Podgursky, Mia Kate Russell, Tim Rutherford, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Michael Schwartz, Stuart Simpson, Joe Stas, Lloyd Staszkiewicz, Jeff Stewart, Carles Torrens, Dante Vescio, Christopher Younes
Writers: Todd E. Freeman, Clint Kelly, Cody Kennedy, Jason M. Koch, Kevin Martin, Shane McKenzie, Robert Phelps, Mia Kate Russell, Tim Rutherford, Tom Stas, Jeff Stewart, Bob Woolsey
Starring: Dani Barker, Judit Bardos, John Cianciolo, Mace Coronel, Cameron Dean, Myles Dobson, Michael Draper, Stephanie Elkington, Michelle Ferguson, Brooke J. Ferrell
Rating: Not Rated 
Running Time: 85 Minutes
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Where Can It Be Seen: VIMEO (At The Moment)


If you were hoping for More insane jollification in the realm of short horror films, your wish has been granted! Because The ABC's of Death 2.5 has been unleashed and prepared to assault your eyes with More shorts overflowing with More gore, More Blood, More madness, More absurd twisted humor - All starting with the letter M and all from filmmakers who have made it a mission to lead you into the heart of darkness! What I enjoyed about this series, just as I had with the previous anthologies, are all of the creativity that went behind making those films. Essentially you have films that are created with different tools at the disposal of the artists - You have movies that are filmed digitally, with actual film, and different forms of animations, from directors from all walks of life and different cultures. Regardless of whether you enjoyed certain ones more than others, at the end of the day (or night), you are no doubt being entertained to the bone. Todd E. Freeman, Steve Daniels, Álvaro Nuñez, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Travis Betz, Eric Pennycoff, Christopher Younes, Mia Kate Russell, and Peter Podgursky are just SOME of the names of filmmakers who have graced ABCs Of Death 2.5 with their craft and personally are the creators of some of my favorite pieces in this continuing anthology! And if you're sitting there thinking to yourself, "Boy, I have never heard of any of these names before!" Well I am here to let you know that now you have, and you will most definitely get to know the others once you treat your eyes to a buffet of assorted horrors! If you're a fan of horror then waste no time in checking out this delight!


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