* How difficult was it to balance acting and directing?



It's always hard to balance acting and directing yourself. The director says that line isn't working in the big picture, and the actor says "I love saying it, it feels right".  The bigger challenge however is producing and directing.  As the producer says we can't afford that without major headaches, and the director says but we've GOTTA HAVE IT!.  Playing multiple roles like that calls for a fair bit of self-control no matter what the budget. So I while I wouldn't say it was difficult, it certainly challenging. 


* How long did it take to write this film? 



Oddly, the original script only took about a week and a half. It was a very very fast concept as many scripts can take months to write. This one flowed out quickly, mainly due to already having Arianne on board to play Victoria. I knew her, I knew her style, and it was very easy to put together.  I say all that, yet admit to this caveat. Like almost every film ever made, once you're on the set, things can change. And things changed regularly on the script based on performances, and those little touches of magic that you don't expect. 




by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"

Filmmmaker Interview

Anthony Brownrigg: Balancing Both Sides of the Screen



* What was the most challenge part of this film production?



Scheduling. Scheduling, Scheduling. For a budget so low, it was almost a two year process just to shoot as it was mainly a 'Hey you available this next Thursday to shoot that scene? Friday? How about Monday afternoon?   Also we had to wait until the weather was just right; slightly overcast. We didn't have a lot of lighting equipment, so we relied heavily on the weather patterns to give us the right light for all our outdoor scenes. It's one of the reasons I wanted to keep the project as small as I could, crew wise.


* What was the easiest part of the production?



The Cast. With the right cast, you get magic. And it happened all the time between the cast members. They really got into the roles, and would throw out some amazing unexpected gems that I was never expecting. They made it entirely fun. 


* What would you say was the inspiration for this story?



The inspiration of Red Victoria came from a simple email conversation I was having one afternoon with a distributor friend of mine from New Line Cinema. We were talking about how bored I was waiting on all this legal paperwork on another project, and his comment was just shoot a little horror movie in the meantime. I was in a 'comedy' frame of mind, and really didn't want to do a horror movie. We went back and forth, and my comment eventually became, "Okay, I'll do a horror movie about a guy that doesn't want to make a horror movie." Upon thinking that one over, I decided that I would have to find my muse, and boom, there it was. A dark comedy about horror. 


* How many changes were there to the story and/or characters from the moment of inception to the final cut?



Dozens, and there always is. It doesn't matter what the budget is you can only pre-plan so much. Once on the set, things always have the potential to change, and you can either roll with it, or force it back to the words the page. The director has to make that call, and it's a hard one. One instance was that Arianne was originally going to be in zombie makeup for every scene. That changed when we realized as the months ticked by her hair changed lengths, colors, and we decided to work it into the script. She's a muse, she can appear as anything she wants. 


* Was the dynamic between Jim & Victoria always there in the story or did it develop over time?



Their dynamic was always there in the story. On set, it developed over time between Arianne and I. We found our rhythm, and it made the times we shot flow rather smoothly. She's an amazing actress, and it was fun to watch her wriggle into Victoria's shoes. 



* As much as I loved the ambiguous ending, Could there ever be a sequel to Red Victoria in the future?



If you want to know about that, roll past the credits in the ending, and you'll get your answer. 



on the set of Don't Look in the Basement 2 with Teddy Cool and Camilla Carr

With cast member  Mary Ann McCarty at the premiere of Red Victoria

Arianne Margot as Victoria

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