All Hallows Eve 2 (2015) Film Thoughts... I only recently found out that they were making a sequel to All Hallows Eve. I thought that one was one of the best horror anthologies in years, the clown character they had was uber creepy and unforgettable to say the least. After hearing about the sequel and seeing the new character, I was very curious to see what the results were going to be.


All Hallows Eve 2 sort follows the same format as the first but has a different feel. The wrap around is barely there. A woman is home on Halloween Night and gets a knock on the door. A nasty VHS tape is left there and she sees a man with a pumpkin mask on at the bottom of the stairs. (Right then and there, you would think she would just call the police....but then you wouldn't have a film.) Of course, she just happens to have a VHS player hooked up and starts watching what is the short stories that make the horror anthology.


OK as a film, it's not much but a showcase of some very well done horror shorts. Many horror anthologies that come out always have a stinker or two, but not here. All the stories are actually extremely well done. After the 4th one, I was saying to myself, “OK, the next one going to suck.” That didn't happen. I found out afterward that many of the shorts here have been shown elsewhere but this is the first time they have been collected into a film. I did see The Offering last year and Jack Attack (featuring the awesome Helen Rogers) was actually in another anthology it seems though little seen.

All in all, this was a great show. I really don't know why they didn't use the clown character again, I have heard a while back he was going to get his own film, so maybe that is why. The film's weak point is the wrap around, pretty disappointing since the one in the first film was so strong.


So I highly recommend All Hallows Eve 2. If they do these once a year and keep the shorts quality

high, we are going to have some great DVDs on our shelves...shame about that wraparound though.


All Hallows' Eve 2 Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend On Film"


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