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by: Jerry Smith

The haunted house subgenre is one that,  like a lot of popular types of horror, has unfortunately fallen into the category of becoming yet another cliche-heavy one.  Often times,we’re given so many films that all remind us of so many previous entries that it’s hard to come ones that offer something fresh and exciting.When those original films DO arrive,  in films such as INSIDIOUS or THE CONJURING, it’s a good feeling, and thanks to Carson D.Mell and his films ANOTHER EVIL, there’s another flick that falls into the list of exciting new takes on a subgenre that had previously overstayed its welcome.


Following Dan (Steve Zissis,TOGETHERNESS) and his family, ANOTHER  EVIL quickly gives us a eerie tone, allowing us into the family’s home, one which is haunted, putting the artist and his family in a fearful state.Wanting to rid his house and family of any malevolent spirits, Dan hires a medium that tells him to coexist with the spirits and when that doesn’t sit well with the man and his wife and son, Dan makes the mistake of going with a second opinion: that of an eccentric ghost hunter named Os (Mark Proksch).


ANOTHER EVIL isn’t your typical ghost story, instead focusing on the relationship between Dan and Os becoming increasingly stressful,when the medium begins to grow more erratic as the minutes go by.While Dan attempts to welcome Os into his family’s home in an attempt to get rid of the ghosts, the off the wall ghost hunter begins to vent about being left by his wife for rescuing animals, begins to strip naked and even goes as far as hiring hookers to celebrate their attempts to rid the house its spirits.


While the film could have worked just on the haunted house level, it’s the dry as the desert humor that makes ANOTHER EVIL stand out so much and the chemistry between Zissis and Proksch is one for the books,offering one of the silliest and most awkward pairings in quite some time. It’s hilarious to watch the character of Dan grow increasingly annoyed with Os and there’s very much a ghost-based take on WHAT ABOUT BOB in ANOTHER EVIL,that really works towards the film’s favor. It’s extremely entertaining and as Os slowly becomes more  unpredictable, we as an audience can see that perhaps the house’s spirits aren’t the biggest threats to Dan and his family, giving a good amount of tension to add to the dark,dark humor that the film executes with precision.


Showcasing some fine performances,a few good scares and enough laughs to make you spit your drink out a time or five, ANOTHER EVIL is a very refreshing new take on a haunting film and one that I encourage you DCP readers to check out. You’ll find yourselves laughing at the misfortunes of others and feeling quite devilish while doing o.   


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