Well kiddos, it's another smashing hit in the long, long line of these Marvel Universe movies! This time, cat burglar Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), just released from prison only to get arrested again while attempting to return what he realizes is a very bizarre suit, is given another chance by scientist and creator of the Ant-Man suit Hank Pym (Michael Douglas to redeem his life, with the help of Pym's daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly) - But what lies ahead for Scott is first, training,and lots of it! To help prepare him for his first mission to save the world. Only to have such hurtles as an encounter with an Avenger, going toe-to-toe with a villain in the making (Darren Cross, head of Hank Pym's company and later to be called "Yellow jacket" on account of the yellow ant-man suit that is a tad more advanced than Scott Lang's), and also to not only win back the trust of his ex-wife Maggie (Judy Greer) but to re-build a relationship with his daughter Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson), that he longs to spend more time with. All the while trying to dodge the likes of Maggie's new beau Paxton (Bobby Cannavale) who also happens to be a cop, hot on his trail! But with the help of Scott's friends Luis, Kurt & Dave (Michael Pena, David Dastmalchian & Cliff Harris - Better known to you youngsters as rapper T.I.), they surely add humor to whatever he goes through and they do help bring a little more ease to his mission. 



If anyone were to ask me where the heart of this movie, as well as the story, lies, I would not hesitate to tell them that it lies with Scott and his daughter Cassie. No matter his faults or how many there are, little Cassie sees her father as a good man. Mainly because she doesn't really know about what he's done (although she does catch wind of a rumor), he can do no wrong by her. She is all loving, all forgiving and manages to retain her innocence - Even through the split between her mother and father. She places no blame towards anyone and she is Scott's light. She is the catalyst, the driving force for everything that Scott is doing. And even during his most dire of situations that could very well cause him to be lost for all eternity, it is Her voice he hears that guides him back to where he knows he needs to be. Which leads us to an ending that is as satisfying as a glass of cold lemonade on a hot day. 







































A father/daughter motif is definitely present through out this entire movie/story! Whether it be the focus on Scott & Cassie or Hank & Hope. It gives the story emotion and really builds characters that we could all relate to on some level or another.All performances were fantastically filled out and walks that line between humor and emotion seemingly with ease. And aside from a couple of scenes that could be construed as forced, It was extremely well written. I mean it had director Edgar Wright's (Shaun Of The Dead) humor and pacing over all that movie. And rightfully so as he was the original director who crafted the first draft of the script with writer Joe Cornish (who put together the story and co-wrote with Wright and also responsible for writing The Adventures Of Tin Tin) and was the one to bring this material to Disney (who bought out Marvel). Though unfortunate that he had to depart on account of creative differences, next in line to have been attached to direct (and also contributed to the script) was comedy director Adam McKay (better known for working consistently with funny man comedy actor Will Ferrell), who also ended up leaving the project. Until finally the film had found its leader in director Peyton Reed, whom before this was typical known to direct comedies such as Bring It On, The Break Up and Yes Man (sensing a pattern here in their choice of directors yet?).



The effects were of course spectacular! Of course using your everyday typical CGI effects weren't going to be enough to tell a story like this. So they used a buffet of old and new tricks of the trade to help capture the differences in size and scale using stuff like macro photography, different aspect ratio, motion capture, married with good old fashioned close ups, aerial shots, and long shots with wide lenses. Now, all you Cinephiles who love the technical side of film making just got a little excited there, didn't ya? See, that's what's so great about this movie! All kinds of people can appreciate it! From everyday people who just want to see a fun movie to escape on the weekend, either by themselves or with friends/family - To all you movie lovers who take great delight in the noticing the small details. And speaking of small details, I highly recommend seeing Ant-Man! If there's one thing to know about me is that I may not know the ins and outs of all these comic book superheros and their back stories, however I do know movies. And this is definitely the perfect movie to catch in your local theater before it leaves!


Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"



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