Arbor Demon Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"



Writers: Michelle Davidson, Patrick Rea

Director: Patrick Rea

Starring: Rob Bouton, Fiona Dourif, Jake Busey

Rated: NR

Running Time: 1 hr 40 mins

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Drama

Country/Language: USA/English

Year: 2016

How It Can Be Seen: VOD



Rob Bouton and Fiona  Dourif star as Howard and Dana, a married couple who take a trip and go hiking in the woods for their 2 year anniversary, only to have to confront some incredibly creepy supernatural woodland creature people who trap them in their tent! Patrick Rea is a solid filmmaker who really has a particular vision. That really came through and impressed me when I saw his feature film Nailbiter and his short films I.V. League and Pillow Fright. He really shines through his way of cleverly telling a story and also setting a tone. What I noticed with Nailbiter as well as Arbor Demon is his use of supernatural creature beings as a way for people to work through whatever personal issues they may be going through at the time. In Arbor Demon the characters Howard and Dana, though seemingly happy and content with their marriage, are also working through some marital issues that little by little but increasingly put a strain on their relationship, especially when they are isolated and in the woods. The cast gives tremendously natural but also intense performances, especially from Rob and Fiona. Fiona does so well with playing her character very reserved as her character Dana is trying to keep in a major secret. As much this couple loves to go on "adventures" as they refer to them, Dana is incredibly introverted. To the point where her hubby urges her to try and make friends. It is in the woods where they begin encountering a noisy and annoying group of backwoods men who want nothing more than to have their bonfires, drink beer and shoot their guns. It is then that whatever creature is lurking in the woods, prey on people, have had enough of these fellas and attacks them, leaving only one to survive named Sean, whom the couple takes into their tent for shelter and patch up his wounds, played by Jake Busey. Oh, Jake, the master of playing super creepy and malevolent characters, you've done it again. Even when your character seems like he could take a turn for the normal and calm his ways, you steer him right back on track. Jake, you were awesome and I loved your performance in this film, but yet I still look forward to a day where I can see you play a character that isn't sleazy, or creepy, or doesn't have to flash a smile that sends chills up and down my spine. Arbor Demon really plays out as a great plotted drama as much as it is a solid and suspenseful horror movie that serves as another example of why people need to stay out of the woods!


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