This was an interesting flick. I love foreign films, but this was the first Indian movie of its kind that I had seen. It was about a baby born who was destined to grow into a warrior that would fight in a war that had been going on for many, many years. 


Now, though I say it's an interesting movie, ultimately I couldn't connect with it on any real level. There were some beautiful images to view and the story was epic. The characters were colorful and lively. However I felt like the movie couldn't decide if it was an action movie, a fantasy, a war epic, a comedy, or even a musical. 


The tones were mismatched and not very seamless. If there weren't the cheesy moments to keep you company, then scenes and moments where it droned and dragged on would, so much so that even I myself couldn't keep attention to it. And a great portion of the time I am fully capable of hooking my attention into a movie/story. But this 2 and a half hour epic made it challenging to do so. One of the things that distracted me were that anytime an animal in a scene that had to fight or fall or get hurt, in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, it stated in white lettering "CGI". 


It was there to let the viewer know that the animal itself was CGI and not real, and therefore did not really get hurt or was involved in dangerous scenes. You know, just in case the viewer mistook a Computer Generated animal for a real one. Many CGI moments during battle scenes were quite poorly done that it pulled me out the movie completely and flat out told me I was watching a movie. Which totally distracted me from becoming invested in the characters. 


Despite the downsides, there were some redeeming qualities like scenes that included some solid direction, strong performances, and some really beautiful images. So do not judge this movie based on the things I didn't care for. I suggest giving it a watch for yourself and perhaps it will pull You in and connect with you. Who knows, you may find it entertaining it enough to really like it!



Baahubali Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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