The Babysitter Review

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


The main thing you always want to achieve with horror movies, even if you're taking the scares very seriously and want people to be horrified, is to make sure your audience is entertained. Well, Director/Producer McG has always been known to provide that. No matter what project he's released (in T.V. or Film), and especially No Matter if those projects are successful or not. And let's face it, with McG projects they're going to be a hit or miss. It's going to be a 50/50 shot. However, through out all the time I've watched his work, no matter if the show or movie failed, or if they were a huge hit, I can't really say that I was bored watching his show or movie. And whether by the end of it you loved it or deemed it not your cup of tea, I was entertained for that hour and a half, or two hours, or however long it lasted. He just knows how to keep people watching what he's got to offer. I've always thought of him as an Action/Adventure filmmaker. He knows the genre. He knows how to add energy and comedy to action sequences. And THE BABYSITTER has a layer of that Action/Adventure feel peppered in through out the movie. Even if there is no action necessarily happening in a scene or part of the movie, the editing just has that energy to it! It keeps you watching with fast paced cuts and transitions!


Here's the skinny on the plot: It's as if the Breakfast Club went rogue and decided they were going to do a little Satan Worshiping and Sacrifice. The Pack is lead by Bee, a beautiful supermodel-esque teen who just so happens to be a Babysitter for Cole. A kid who seems to be a little too old for a Babysitter, but given his fear of just about everything, and parents (played by Leslie Bibb and Ken Marino) who treat their son with infant gloves, is it any wonder Why he would actually need a Babysitter at his age? Nonetheless, given her beauty and the fact that she seems to exude sexuality every 5-10 minutes, in which, come on, you know she knows she does just to keep Cole's interest. She's not dumb. So when Cole's parents go away for a little weekend vacay, and he is left alone with Bee, she brings over her Satan Worshiping group late at night while she thinks Cole is sleeping. He sneaks out of his room upstairs to witness a horrifying truth about the Babysitter he's "in love" with. This situation is ripe for comedy to infiltrate. So while you're seeing a lot of gore, you're also laughing hard and quite a bit! The kills had me exclaiming in vowels and even though in most horror flicks, I find it annoying to be able to know what's going to happen next, I found it fun to not only guess right at times, but to also be pretty surprised by the result! Because even if you do know what will happen next, it's still not going to be Exactly the way you pictured it turning out. So there's still elements of surprise that poke its head out through out the flick! 


The cast was great! Who better to play a self involved ditsy cheerleader (whom by the way seems to find it perfectly ok to never change out of her uniform, kind of like the way Roller Girl in Boogie Nights never takes off her skates? I just find that little thought amusing) than Bella Thorne? Of course not to impugn her personal character, I'm sure she's a pleasant young lady. But let's face it, she pulls off that character and that look quite effortlessly. And of course you got the Jocks (yes there's 2 in this movie, played by Robbie Amell and Andrew Bachelor) and the Hipster type (played by Hana Mae Lee, whom is most famously known for her role in the Pitch Perfect movies). But let's shine a light on Samara Weaving! I'll own up to it. Up until this new Netflix movie, I hadn't really noticed or remembered Samara, even though there are movies and shows she is a part of that I have seen. But I am glad she plays a much bigger role in this here flick because she really brings it! She really knows how to juggle sweet, sexy, dangerous, conniving and full of charisma in her character of Bee! In the first half you love her. I mean come on, who wouldn't?! She's super cool, really friendly, she seems like a person who would be extremely easy to talk to and have a blast with. Not to mention she knows classic cinema and sci-fi - She's every young man's dream girl! I even found myself asking "How come I couldn't have had a Babysitter like that as a kid?" But then, in the second half, she's so easily capable of turning into a someone sinister. And that makes for a really fun character to keep your eyes glued to! Let us not leave out young Judah Lewis who plays Cole. I know Cole. Hell, I've BEEN Cole my whole young life. And even though Judah had only been in one other film before this one, he really nailed this character and made him so relatable and fun to watch transform through out the span of one night in the film! 


The blood and gore are abundant and plentiful! So if you are a gore hound, not only is it cringe worthy to watch, but damn it's just also fun! Like the first time you saw Peter Jackson's Dead-Alive. Yes, that same Peter Jackson. You're going to enjoy yourself for you will have a barrel of laughs and audibly react to the horror and gore. It's really the most fun you'll have watching a horror flick this fall! So if you love that combination, I recommend you DO check it out EXCLUSIVELY on Netflix!

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