31 Review






by: Gene von Banyad

Clowns! What's with all the clowns? This question is the subject for another day and another article but needless to say,  Coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) is the #1 phobia in the world today and Rob Zombie has burrowed deep into this collective, contemporary terror and mined it at its visceral core for gore filled goodies and his latest film 31, is certainly one of its juiciest.



by: Gene von Banyad


The division of church and state is a relatively new state of affairs. Once, there was the Roman Catholic Church and in terms of leaders of men, there was no higher ruling power apart from God himself and the Roman Catholic Church used this widespread deferment to their faith to their utmost advantage.

Grand Guignol


by: Gene von Banyad


Le Theatre du Grand Guignol or The Theatre of the Great Puppet (1897-1962), commonly called the Grand-Guignol, specialised in 'naturalistic' horror shows. Its founder, Oscar Metenier (1859-1913), a French playwright & novelist, wanted a space for naturalist performances to achieve a sense of realism, but no one knew just how 'real' that sense would come to be.


The Hidden Web


by: Gene von Banyad


When the Internet was introduced to the public sphere in the mid 1990's (it had previously remained in the private sphere since the early 1960's) life as we knew it was set to change forever and looking back from 2015, it is safe to say that it has done just that. But, has it been for the better or for the far worse?


The Gift


by: Gene von Banyad


Tonight is Christmas eve, tomorrow is Christmas. Tomorrow is the day when a million boys and girls, throughout the whole, wide world, would awake to find secret treasures, glittering and inviting, with their own names inscribed upon them, laying underneath an evergreen tree. Glittering like a street parade, silent as a lonely guard, the tree had promised so much for days now and tomorrow would be its time to deliver. With all these thoughts riding merry in his mind, Eddie slowly slipped off to the land of sleep


The Familial


by: Gene von Banyad


His father had returned. This day should never be. His father was dead to him. He had left the reality of his father many years ago. He had made a life of his own; he had re-created a sense of identity worlds apart and miles beyond those cold, dark rural times of abuse, neglect and maniacal depression.


The Love of Horror


by: Gene von Banyad

Man has always been fascinated with fear. What is frightening and the nature of fear itself.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft put is well by stating that “The oldest fear known to man is the fear of the unknown”. Freud describes this attraction/repulsion effect as the Uncanny and I am of the opinion that the Horror genre and its representation in film explores our psychic relation to the Uncanny in a safe, cathartic manner. To view our dark sides, or what Freud's student Carl Gustav Jung deemed the Shadow part of the individual's Self, is not everyone's cup of psychic tea.

Illuminati and Hip Hop


by: Gene von Banyad

What is the relationship between The Illuminati and Hip Hop? To discover this we must first examine each paradigm individually. First of all, The Illuminati, what is it and who are they? The speculations surrounding this most secret of societies are rife throughout written history (masonic) and virtual uploading and posting (internet/social media). People have whispered, rumored and even declared the

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