One could make a case that this film was an amalgamation of paranoid-thriller, sci-fi and horror rolled into this one story. Yes, all of those factors play a part. But I myself will also make a case that this was ultimately a love story disguised as a paranoid-thriller/sci-fi horror! Which really excites me as a person who loves well crafted storytelling! 



This film is a story about a man who would do and try anything for his dying wife, including having her transferred to an undisclosed medical facility, which he then realizes soon thereafter that it looks and operates awfully similar to a prison facility. The husband and wife (named Russell & Sadie, played wonderfully by Robert McKeehen & Haley Talbot) participate in a radical medical procedure that will save Sadie's life. But after the procedure is done and Russell & Sadie try to adapt to their facility surroundings they, along with 6 other people, soon discover that things are not what they seem in that building. What follows are discoveries of science gone terribly awry in a very deadly and dangerous way!



What attaches you, and keeps you hooked, from the beginning to finish about this film is the connection between husband and wife, Russell & Sadie. You feel their love for one another from the very scene and it carries you through the story until the end. So I personally commend actor & actress Robert McKeehen & Haley Talbot for their dedicated strong performances, as well as the rest of the cast! Each character I found, and you will find as well, has connections to their loved ones (even characters who seem off-kilter and even a little dangerous), and you find that out through little singular moments that are incredibly satisfying to watch. It's in those moments that you feel more for those characters. Especially when horrific things begin to happen. Furthermore, let's be real, seeing Daniel Baldwin, who you might recognize from his past films like "Born On The Fourth Of July", "Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man" and most notably "John Carpenter's Vampires (for all you horror fans out there) shows up in this picture was a real treat in itself! 



Todd E. Freeman's exciting, and equally soulful script and direction is a crime to ignore, mainly because it is difficult to! He found a beautiful sustainable balance between the action, suspense, thriller, sci-fi, horror, drama and even the romantic elements; and still managed to keep the characters strong and relevant. That is a quality you cannot always find, especially in mainstream movies.This picture could have easily turned into an exploitative action sci-fi thriller. And don't get me wrong, it's got those elements in it, there's even a special nod to John Carpenter's classic version of The Thing! But what's different about this film is that it has heart & soul and provokes thought! I wholeheartedly recommend this picture!



Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"



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