All of the wonderful things you've been hearing or reading about Captain America: Civil War...It's all true! It's not just contagious hype that is spreading through out the nation, and the world. It's warranted excitement. There's clearly a common ground of things about this picture that many people are loving with open arms. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this film 3 times. And each time I saw something different in it and took something different away from it. Each time being better than the last.

First off, Captain America is a character that so many people adore. Whether they have been for so many years by way of the comic books, or if they have arrived late in the game and started loving him when they first saw him on the big screen with Marvel's big hit movie. Captain America is a character many people look up to. They admire his infinite ability to do good and his belief in doing good by the people he's protecting, while at the same time knowing it's his duty to fight evil and bring them to justice. And plus, let's face it, the guy is just cool!

I won't deny that the whole "Choose A Side" was a great gimmick! It really helped pull people into getting them excited about this great big battle with good guy against good guy. However, when you see the film and get to the meat of the battle, you find out its not all as simple as, I'm picking a side. Because when you're witnessing the disintegration of a team and a battle of hero against hero, their opposing beliefs become more complex. It's not all as simple as walking into the theater before seeing the movie and having your mind made up on who's team your on. You begin to understand each side's point of view and why they're thinking the way they are. And that makes things far more complicated than they are. Which in turn also makes for compelling drama! That is a huge part of why I believe so many people are loving this film.

It becomes truly upsetting to see all of these amazing characters with incredible abilities using their powers not to stand together, save people and battle the forces of evil, but use their powers as a means to tear the team apart and fight each other. And it all stems from each of their abiding opposing beliefs. A string of unfortunate circumstances leads to tragedy and catastrophe. As the character of Vision says in the film, which pretty much sums up what the whole film is about, "Our very strength incites challenge. Challenge incites conflict. And conflict breeds catastrophe."

The Russo Brothers do a bang up job conveying not only the purely fun and enjoyable action sequences that have audiences wide-eyed and in awe, they also know when to play upon the drama and show that all of the action that you're seeing, can have dire consequences. What's also fantastic is everyone's timing, from the directors and all of the cast, the timing in knowing when to bring levity to a moment or a scene. It was just so well constructed that it just works on multiple levels! The performances are so captivating that it honestly makes you care for each and every character. Yes, Every character. In this picture you come to find that there really is no such thing as a cut and dry good guy and bad guy. There are only characters who believe in the Right of their choices. That their decisions are correct. And this is what makes certain characters more dangerous than others.

I urge everyone to see this movie! If not for the storytelling, then for the unfolding drama. If not for the unfolding drama, then for the humor. If not for the humor, then for the characters. If not for the characters, then for the jaw-dropping action. If not for the jaw-dropping action...then just see it for the ride that it is! I promise you it's worth it!



Captain America: Civil War Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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