Club Rat$ Review

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


In this day and age where feminism is not only taking a front seat by grabbing a hold of the steering wheel and driving us to a better future where female empowerment will be the new royalty, where a post Harvey Weinstein era will be a learning tool to helping us grow as two separate genders but evolve together as a human race. Films such as this one are needed.


CLUB RAT$ is a dark comedy directed by Jeni Jones, written by two of the film's co-stars Jamie Miller and Danene Montella, and also stars Alex Lynn Ward and Lelia Symington as a group of friends who go to clubs and teach lessons to self entitled douche bag guys who mean to pick up and take advantage of women. Rest assured I won't be spoiling anything about what they do to the two guys in particular that is portrayed in this here film, all I have to say is, what happened to them was kind of a tad less than what I felt they deserved! But in the end, I understand the outcome, and when I thought about it, it was entirely satisfactory.


All four ladies who lead the cast; Jamie, Danene, Alex, and Lelia, were so good! Top notch performances and were also so fun and exciting to watch. So much so that by the time the movie ended I felt hungry for more. I don't know what the future holds for this story and these characters, but I Want More! I hope they get their feature-length film where we get to see the genesis of their friendship and how they all came to do what they do as a group dynamic. Aside from the film's look popping and grabbing your attention, apart from its entertaining and adventurous aspect, the story/movie had something to say about where we are as our roles in gender and the treatment of women. It also had to something important to say about the Time Is Up movement and that specific actions have consequences. Personally, I couldn't want more from a film, especially when it has something important to say and isn't shy about speaking up.


This dark comedy short in its entirety is available for viewing and Streaming now on Vimeo and YouTube. You can see it below!


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