Consommé Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


What are we all capable of as human beings? Are we aware of what we can do, even perhaps on a subconscious level? Do we really know ourselves? Or maybe we are just so oblivious to what we're all capable of doing that one day we just surprise ourselves? These are all deep questions, and art is a conduit to explore those questions and act as a way to have the viewer, the listener, the reader all ask themselves these questions. Great art is a mirror and doesn't provide answers but reflects humanity, no matter how wonderful or how deplorable it is. In just 6 minutes I took something thought provoking away from Catherine Fordham's short film Consommé.


It tells the story of a woman who's just left her apartment after a heated argument with assumably her boyfriend. She begins to take a walk when suddenly a man comes up and attacks her. But in that moment of danger a very primal defensive side to her comes out to take over. So many questions follow that situation. And though because the film is only 6 minutes long, it'll be a challenge not to go into details. So I will leave it at that and just say how much this simplistic plot could've easily been just the beginning of a feature length hour and a half movie. But the way it's structured, edited, performed, directed, shot; the film said everything it needed to say just in those few minutes! And for that I need to applaud Catherine and this film! Consommé is a short, sweet, ferocious, primal short film that is willing to scream in your face! And what's more exciting is it can be seen on Shudder!



Writer/Director: Catherine Fordham
Starring: Monica West, Parker Madison
Rated: Not Rated
Running Time: 6 mins 
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Country/Language: USA/English
Year: 2015
How It Can Be Seen: Shudder

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