Cuppa Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"




Writer: Brian Clancy & Aaron Walsh
Director: Paddy Murphy 
Starring: Aaron Walsh & Brian Clancy
Rating: Not Rated 
Running Time: 15 minutes
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Country/Language: Ireland/Irish
Year: 2016
Where It Can Be Seen: YouTube



I've been following the work of director Paddy Murphy through a collection of his short films for a number of months now, and one thing I can say that yes, I have loved many, if not all of those films; but also there is a consistency that threads his films together, and yet he always tries make each film unique in their own way. With that said, his latest release, Cuppa, is truly something unique for Paddy and the production team of Celtic Badger Media!


This is the offbeat dark comedy about 2 guys, a gay window washer who can make a mean Cuppa tea named Doyle, eloquently played by Aaron Walsh; and a murdering psychopathic Artist by the name of Bawnie, played convincingly by Brian Clancy, who both live together. Only thing is, Doyle is painfully oblivious to the fact that Bawnie is psychotic, or that he even murders people under their own roof!

If I'm being honest here I feel that is this film's charm, the absurdity of what is happening. The murders are very matter of fact, and they happen off screen, but it's those dark humorous moments with Doyle and Bawnie that make the film. Aaron Walsh and Brian Clancy really sell the shit out of their characters in the best way possible! And let's give it up for an actor who is no syranger to working with Paddy and crew, Adam Moylan. Who plays Terry, a friend of Doyle's, he wears a funny emoticon t-shirt, and let's just say he makes a grave mistake saying something negative about Doyle's tea.


The cinematography is just immaculate - Much like the amount of detail that went into showing us each ingredient that goes into Doyle's perfect Cuppa tea! Another hit for Paddy and his team!

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