Dark Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"







Writer: Elias Ganster
Director: Nick Basile
Starring: Whitney Able, Alexandra Breckenridge, Michael Eklund, Brendan Sexton III
Rating: Not Rated 
Running Time: 1 hour 33 minutes
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Country/Language: USA/English
Year: 2015
Where It Can Be Seen: Netflix, Amazon






Horror Maestro of the 80's Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling) executive produced a dramatic thriller about the downward spiral of a young woman, Kate (Whitney Able), who must confront her deepest fears, anxieties, and paranoia during the New York City black out of 2003. This delectable psychological exploration of the literal and figurative the dark. Especially within a character. Whitney Able chews up each scene she's in that no doubt looks so effortless! Her performance is something of a revelation that should be given a Standing O. Even if you're the only one in the room watching the movie.


What's that quote about being careful when looking into the abyss? That completely applies to this film. It isn't until the character of Kate is left alone for a weekend by her girlfriend as she goes out of town the same day the power grid goes out in the city, leaving Kate without distractions. She is then forced to confront and deal with her anxiety, paranoia, thoughts and feelings. Something I think a lot of people can identify with. Even with something like lovemaking session between Kate and her girlfriend Leah (Alexandra Breckenridge) becomes unhealthy and self destructive on Kate's part. Which frustrates Leah. That moment isn't meant to be titillating but more of an uncomfortable examination of something that should be intimate but turns sour.


These kinds of honest scenes are carefully crafted by writer Elias Ganster and Director Nick Basile. Which I have to commend these two guys for injecting so much honesty and quiet but affecting moments that will surely rattle the cages of your mind! The cast is a delight and seeing rapper Redman was one of those times where it brought a smile to my face. I love this film personally for several reasons. But more so I love how emotionally honest each moment of each scene is in showing the descent of a person.



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