Young Writer/Director Mickey Keating delivers an unrelentingly suspense soaked journey into psychological horror with his latest release, Darling, starring Lauren Ashley Carter as the title character of Darling - A young woman who takes on the task of house sitting for a woman (special appearance by Sean Young). While there she begins to experience disturbing things that will undoubtedly lead to her demise. What I find particularly satisfying on a cinematic level is that the look and tone resembles that of 1965's Repulsion directed by Roman Polanski - Black & White, and Inherently Eerie and Chilling as anything I had seen in quite some time! The editing is brilliantly trippy and jolting. Forget the typical jump scares you tend to see in films of this nature, the editing achieves this all on its own. Take a quick heed of the disclaimer in the beginning before the film even starts, however, if flashing images doesn't hinder your watching the film, it serves as more of a preparation than a warning. To be introduced for the first time to the performances of one Lauren Ashley Carter through this film is counted by me to be a gift! She has very limited of dialogue, but that's more than ok considering she doesn't need it. Lauren's got these extremely expressive eyes that convey more than any spoken word ever could! She dazzles and captivates her way through the film! If nothing else, this picture proves that Mickey Keating is most definitely a filmmaker to keep an eye on, whether you have seen his past films or not. His name will be one to be recognized in film for quite some time to come! Darling has now become one of my favorite films of this year, and of all time! It's available now on VOD!



Darling Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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