What's scary ISN'T some supernatural event or aliens coming to blow up the country. Hell, it isn't even a dead cat having come back to life - And I can't stand cats to begin with! No, the most scary thing in life are the choices human beings make, especially when they feel like they have no alternative options, and the consequences those choices breed. That is the theme of Mario Cerrito III's directorial debut feature length DEADLY GAMBLE. Bernard Glincosky plays Andrew Cain, a man who's need to keep his life on an even keel and his deteriorating relationship with his wife Heather, above water, has lead him down a primrose path directly to danger. Seeing no other way around his own issues, he borrows money from the wrong to people to keep his gambling habit alive and well, though he Thinks he's doing it for the right reasons. What I found exponentially enjoyable about this film was its way of making me, the viewer think I was going to watch a certain kind of film. So I prepare myself. I'm thinking, "Oh, ok. This is what the movie is going to be like from here on out!", but it misleads you in such a fun and interesting way. The film has its way of being a wolf dressed up in sheep's clothing. You think you're watching a film like Rounders, which is a fantastic movie by the way. But really it's got the sensibilities and heavy elements of a Hostel movie! Two separate great movies -  Now put them together and you've got DEADLY GAMBLE! Again, the horror is the end result of terrible choices made by our cast of characters, especially Andrew. So much so that at a certain point it no longer comes off scary and intense but more tragic than anything else, which completely works for this film because you don't just get thrills and chills, the movie, the story impacts you, and the way Mario executes those moments and scenes Feel unflinching. Though the camera work is similar to that of let's say the camera work of a certain scene in Brian De Palma's Scarface, you think you're really seeing it, but it shows you enough to really impact you, your mind fills in the blanks. When this movie really, truly needs to, it provides solid as steel performances by its talented cast. And will completely satisfy you with an "about-face" turning point that will have you pull a Keanu Reeves from The Matrix and say, "Whoa". DEADLY GAMBLE is available VOD formats such as VUDU and iTunes so waste zero time checking it out!​

Deadly Gamble Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


Writer/Director: Mario Cerrito III

Starring: Bernard Glincosky, Lyssa Roberts, Michelle Pauls, Manny Mertis, Dan Fivestone, John DiRenzo, Loren W. Lepre, Bobby Spears, John Comegno

Rated: Not Rated

Running Time: 1 hr 18 mins

Genre: Horror - Thriller - Drama

Country/Language: USA/English

Year: 2015

How It Can Be Seen: Available on VOD

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