Once in a great while, characters, whether they are superheroes or not, will come along and change the game, make things fresh, and make movies fun to watch again. This being director Tim Miller's feature length directorial debut, I really have to commend him, along with actor Ryan Reynolds, for delivering superhero flick unlike any other!  I am brave enough to admit I am not a comic book geek and never really got into comic books as a kid; so until the movies come out, I really do not know the origin story of superheroes. So far, ever superhero that I have been introduced to has fascinated me and have made grow fond of them - I can now add Deadpool (a.k.a. Wade Wilson) to the list of beloved superheroes. Even though he himself doesn't even refer to himself as a hero.


He, Wade Wilson, is referred to as "The Merc With The Mouth" as he was a mercenary who basically goes into business for himself, doing good deeds. The mouth part refers to the fact that he NEVER stops talking. He meets a woman he falls insanely in love with - Until he discovers he has been hit with the Big C. No, That C word - Cancer!  He is then given a chance by someone shady to have himself transformed so that he may get rid of the terminal cancer he is stricken with, but it all backfires, and though he may have the ability of tissue regeneration, much like Wolverine, he is grossly disfigured and spends the remainder of the movie slicing and dicing his way through bad guys to seek out the villain Ajax (Hilariously not his real name) and his partner Angel Dust who both made him that way...And then even more so after they've kidnapped his estranged girlfriend.


What is so damn cool about Deadpool is his Ferris Bueller-like charm in breaking the fourth wall, which means he speaks to US, the audience. More so, he Knows he is in a movie and he pokes fun at many things about it. He is self aware, self referential and beautifully has a way with words. Carrying the ability to make a joke of everything. Which leads me to think that he uses his humor and inability to stop talking as a defense mechanism. Anytime he should be serious or upset. He runs straight back into the loving arms of humor. But don't get me wrong, when it comes the love of his life, Vanessa, he is a complete and utter romantic, and does not run out of ideas to keep his relationship with her fresh - Eek! Ryan Reynolds is nothing short of perfect to play the role of Wade/Deadpool. While a majority of the population has been waiting for a couple of years for Deadpool to grace us with his presence, this has been an 11 Year pilgrimage and labor of love for Ryan Reynolds to get Deadpool on screen!


Graphic Violence? Absolutely! Sex and Nudity? Totally. Tons of profanity? Oh God Yes! So parents beware, this movie is NOT for kids! But it is worth seeing more than once! In fact it should be Required to be seen more than once because there's so much in it that it's a challenge to absorb it all in one sitting!


Deadpool Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


They Call Him The Merc With The Mouth

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