John Pata is a name you cannot forget to mention whilst talking about independent filmmaking or independent horror films in the same breath. The two just go hand in hand, and compliment each other splendidly. Just like peanut butter and jelly! They're just synonymous with one another. And what's more, the dude hails from Wisconsin (Wisconsin represent)! A film of his that made an impression on me when I saw it was his 2012 feature debut entitled Dead Weight. He co-wrote and co-directed it with his friend Adam Bartlett.


The film tells the tale of a man named Charlie who goes on a search for his girlfriend in a post apocalyptic wasteland. But on his journey he encounters a barrage of characters (who were all brilliantly casted in my honest opinion) and must dodge the dangers of some who may want to do harm. The emotionality is striking, like a match in the dark, lighting up the plot and its surrounding characters, and yet explores the darkness of humanity during a time of hopelessness. Shot entirely in Wisconsin, the film's back drop provides a definite familiar Midwestern feel to it. Not to mention an array of solid natural performances really set the tone for this picture, which in turn makes you invested in its characters and what happens to them. This horror drama delivers a fresh perspective on a post apocalyptic plot, full of emotion and intensity!




Dead Weight Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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