Death-Scort Service (2015) I have to say I am getting more and more interested in the world of GatorBlade Films and The Sleaze Box. I always have heard of them but never thought I would be interested. Seemed low rent. After meeting both Sean Donohue and Chris Woods at this past Days of the Dead in Atlanta, I picked up a couple of their films, which I ended up liking. I wasn't able though, due to my ineptness, to pick up Death-Scort Service. I waited a day and it was sold out. Oh well. I happened to be at a local Fry's Electronics and lo and behold, it was sitting on the shelf. This time I wasn't going to miss out and picked it up. Fast tracking this to the DVD player, I further delved into the world of these Tampa, Flordia film makers.


At first glance, Death-Scort Service sets its self up to be your average "throwback" slasher, which in a way it is. The filmmakers though are skilled enough to bring things new to the table. The plot: there is a serial killer on the loose targeting hookers in a big city. After a few are taken out, a couple of ladies decide to figure out the killers next move and stop him (because of course the police will not be

any help). If you have seen old slasher films the reveal will probably not be much of a surprise, but they shake things up a bit here.


Graphically, Death-Scort Service takes it's cues from Pieces (1982)...the practical SFX from the team of Marcus Koch, Picardo Limbo and Shelby McIntyre are extreme and well done considering the small budget I am sure they had to work with. When scenes need blood....they get BLOOD! There is one particular gag that seriously women are probably going to hate but this is a graphic horror film.

Thematically, shades of the 1st Friday the 13th film (1980) are in play. The direction from Sean Donohue and the editing from Chris Woods make this film move quickly. The music, Toshiyuki Hiroka, needs to be commended with a synth main theme and pumping strip club sounds throughout. All the women need to be praised for going along with this film, as they are all quite naked (this one is not for the kiddies!) and for the most part get violently taken out.


So Death-Scort Service, while can be looked at as a "by the numbers" slasher, it's modern look, feel and pacing bring it to the forefront. I was impressed and it gets a high recommend from the Fiend.


Death-Scort Service Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend On Film"


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