Delusion Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


Loss can be a powerful thing to go through, and it can most certainly affect the mentality of the functionality of those who go through it. I think there are people who can claim that maybe they lost it a little when someone they deeply loved and was important to them had passed away. More so, it can affect those who go through it in different ways. And to me, that's what this film by Christopher Di Nunzio I feel taps into, but uses a supernatural horror subplot to tell a story about loss and grief.


This film tells the story of a man named Frank (David Graziano) whom, after 3 years, continues to mourn and be haunted by the mysterious death of his wife. Until one day a younger seductive woman comes into his life, causing much supernatural and otherworldly occurrences to happen. As he tries to navigate, deal with, and even understand these occurrences, his attraction to the woman grows and he tries to make sense of everything that is happening. Something evil begins to take hold of his life that could lead to his demise.


However I wasn't able to really see it in a supernatural horror kind of way. If anything it felt like that was way to tell a story about man who is trying to make a transition from being a widower to finding love again with someone. Only that someone may have a malevolent agenda. And the way it was filmed I could never fully accept the any kind of supernatural aspects of it with open arms as it felt more grounded with the quality of the picture I was looking at. If anything, for me, it felt like a dark drama. Which is great! It gave me more of a reason to really become invested in the characters and care about what was happening. Sometimes suffering a great loss can fracture or even shatter our reality, and I feel like writer/director Christopher Di Nunzio really tapped into that and captured that quite well. Not to mention there were some grounded, natural, and even organically intense performances. Bravo!




Writer/Director: Christopher Di Nunzio

Starring: David Graziano, Jami Tennille, Irina Peligrad

Rated: Not Rated

Running Time: 1 hr 24 mins

Genre: Drama/Horror

Country/Language: USA/English

Year: 2016

How It Can Be Seen: Coming Soon!


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