You know, at this point in his career, it seems as though Adam Sandler has a lot more haters than fans. And I'm not sure if it's because they're getting tired of his style of comedy, or if they think he has just strayed too far from what he use to do. Either way, you can count me in as a loyal Sandler fan, always! I've always loved his comedy and his films. One thing that people tend to forget, because they're ridiculously busy bashing his silly and stupid humor, is that ALL of his movies, no matter what the story is about, has a lot of heart to them. No matter what roles has consumed himself with or what outrageous things he does in the movies. At the very core of those stories are about Love and Friendship. Even if they are movies he himself are not even in and he is merely producing.


Now, let me ask you this. And I'm sure there are great a many of you out there who could honestly answer this question without a moment's hesitation: If your life is in the dumps and could leave the life you have now behind and create a completely new life, would you? I want you to honestly think about your answer. Take 30 seconds to do so. Well this is exactly what happens to Charlie (David Spade). His life has become a cake sheet of failure. With a wife who ignores him, step kids who hate him, and a dead end job as a bank manager Inside of a grocery store. Oh come on, we all know we've seen one. We all know they exist. Well, one night, while at the high school reunion he doesn't even want to be at, he runs into his old friend, Max (Adam Sandler). He tells Charlie he now works for the FBI. One day Charlie makes a choice to leave his life and family behind for a weekend to hang out with Max and have fun. Sort of as way to start thinking about himself and what makes him happy. Until Charlie wakes up in a strange hotel and Max tells him they are officially "dead". Well, actually they faked their deaths and have all new identities. And this is where shit gets out of control, with dangerous people that want the two friends REALLY dead, mistaking them for the people who's identity they use to belong to! 


One thing I have noticed about Sandler's comedy is that it is becoming more and more raunchy as time goes on. They use to be PG-13 comedies with the old "Crude and sexual content". You know, stuff that a lot of people could handle on any given day. However, it's become increasing more challenging to show Adam Sandler movies to kids, and are being aimed more at the adult demographic. Which I really have no problem with! As his comedy has becoming more adult, so have the stories and content. More adult themed morals to stories, stuff kids wouldn't really understand until they've gotten older. But hey, I think Adam Sandler has still got it (and by it I mean his comedy chops). He certainly hasn't lost it one bit. It has only changed and evolved.The Do-Over can be now viewed on Netflix!



The Do-Over Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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