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by: Jerry Smith

I don’t believe in the popular “So bad, they’re good” category that a lot of films fall under. If something if good, I enjoy it and if a film isn’t good, I don’t. It’s actually quite simple. With that being said though, there are some films and franchises that have always made me laugh and though a lot of people wouldn’t consider them “good” movies, those films are ones I thoroughly enjoy without the slightest hint of guilty pleasure. Case in point: the EVIL BONG series, a group of films that wear their intentions for all to see. There isn’t a single film in the popular Full Moon franchise that tries to be anything other than what it is: films made for potheads and full of silly, pothead humor that isn’t meant to be taken as a Bergman or Cassavetes film, but instead as something you can watch and laugh at. With the arrival of the sixth film in the series, EVIL BONG 666 that tradition of giving fans campy plots, talking bongs and cookies and well...boobs, is alive and well, giving what is, in this writer’s opinion, the best film in the series.


Filled with familiar faces from the EVIL BONG series, 666 shifts its focus from the protagonists of the previous films to Lucy Furr (Mindy Robinson, who has been in previous films in the series, but plays a completely different character in this one), a devilish siren who has recently acquired EeeBee’s, the smokeshop from past films in the series. Lucy is a woman obsessed with all things evil and does her best to try to get her into hell, or in the case of EVIL BONG 666, “Sexy Hell”, a place where there aren’t souls on fire per se, but more along the lines of nonstop evil orgies (I’m laughing just writing this review, trust me). Lucy is a woman on a mission and when stoners, rich women and a couple of girls willing to flash for free pot all come in throughout the film, Lucy does her best to sacrifice said customers in order to make it to hell...and that’s all while we’re also dealing with the film’s title character.


It IS an EVIL BONG film, but of course EeBee, the evil bong comes back into the picture, making a deal with Lucy and eventually setting off a chain of short events (the film barely runs at an hour or so) that also brings the always silly Gingerdead Man back into the picture. Director and Full Moon head honcho Charles Band knows what works for his films, so naturally those popular characters are appearing and like Band does so well with the PUPPET MASTER and DEMONIC TOYS franchises, we’re also given a new character, GingerWEED Man, a hybrid of Gingerdead Man and EeBee, one who speaks with a downright silly accent and shoots joints at the film’s antagonists. Seriously DCP readers, I am not making this stuff up and I kid you not, it is glorious.


While Mindy Robinson is so much fun in the film (she really does an excellent job leading it), the performance that really stood out to me is that of series regular, Robin Sydney, who has played Sarah Leigh in the series (and in the Gingerdead Man series as well), but plays a clown from the KILLJOY series in this one. She’s magnetic to watch and it really shows how full of personality Sydney is, she’s a lot of fun to watch and it really illustrates just how much fun she’s having playing the character.


The last quarter of the film takes place IN “sexy hell” and while it drags just a bit, it’s quite funny, with Robinson finally making her way to the abyss and at the side of the devil (who’s played by the actor who also played young-ish Benjamin Button in Fincher’s interesting film), an irreverent and downright horny guy. The final battle between the devil and the Gingerweed Man is a funny one and I will never NOT quote the”come with WEED if you want to live” line that comes during that showdown.


If you’re looking for a serious, thought provoking film, then check out MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, but if you’re having a fun time on a Friday night with some pizza and beer with friends and feel like heading to the clouds, check this one out. EVIL BONG 666 is a prime example of knowing your audience and giving them exactly what they want.  

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