I must first start this off by saying that I dropped the ball. Or the quill. Take it however you wish, I have been shockingly absent in my blogging duties. In fact, I think one of the prerequisite for being a blogger is to, in fact, blog on a regular basis. While I was keeping up with it for some time, although now it would seem that the body of my work now has been limited to a more first hand experience... But what a rich one.


October found me, in addition to convention-going, circus touring, record-breaking witnessing and so forth also kept me in the company of a very many modded people. Whether watching the lazy buzz of a tattoo gun for over fifty hours, or else meeting folks on the road showing off their own flesh alterations, I can't say whether or not present company causes me to notice them more often, or if these should just find themselves more drawn to our gravitational pull of weird. Regardless, I have noticed a great deal more folks with body modifications than before. Pointed ears, particularly.


I've a fascination with these above all other mods. Not because they are my favourite, but the process of 'tipping' one's ears to resemble that of an elf is charming. It's also highly personal. With a number of other modifications, the result is usually fairly predictable. With the way the body heals when tipping ears, healing can vary from person to person, so their ears tend to be very unique. But it's not the technique or the healing about this type of alteration of interest to me. Indeed, I've a rather more, shall we say, baroque way of viewing the elfin-earred folk.


There is an old wives' tale that your ears and nose grow as you get older. Your cartilage does not, in fact, grow as we age. What causes this strange appearance is that the three types of cartilage (Hyaline, Elastic, and Fibrocartilage) that all contribute to the illusion. The collagen gives up, as it does everywhere in due time, and answers gravity's beckoning, and takes on the appearance of growth, despite the fact that it doesn't actually increase at all. However, the reason that the misconception got started was a) it looked like your ears/nose was growing and b) Sharks. Because sharks skeletal structure is mostly cartilage and they actually DO continue to grow throughout their lives. But for us, the most advanced of the apes, this isn't the case.


Where I'm travelling to with this particular train of thought, is that I have noticed way more folks with elf-tipped ears in the past few years, which leads me to believe that this might possibly catch onto becoming a larger trend, and as accepted as stretched earlobes. Now, let's fast forward to forty to sixty years on from this moment by which you read this blog. All our body mods have aged and have lived out awesome existences, but the flush of youth has left them. They are now in the winter of their lives, still being kick-ass and all, but now they have elf tipped ears that have appeared to get BIGGER and more elf-like with time. Add to that the appearance of one's elder years, and we will have an score of people who look like legit gnomes. I want you to let that sink in: future generations will have elders who look... like... old elves, gnomes, imps or fae... Think about that for a minute...

so if you ever should see me, strolling around the streets of Vancouver, and there is a slight smirk on my face, you will now have a window into my brain. And you will know EXACTLY what I am thinking about...

Tristan Risk's Rise Of The Elves

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