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The Wizard of Gore (1970)


From the Godfather of Gore himself, Herschell Gordon Lewis, took his love of creating gory horror flicks to the next level with this classic! A magician is taking his job one step too far as he begins performing gruesome acts on stage for the audience - Only those whom he performs with end up really dying!


The Thing (1987)



John Carpenter's rendition of the sci-fi short story "Who Goes There?" displays some of the most iconic and goriest special make up effects in horror cinema!




Takashi Miike brings not only a bizarre tale of obsession, but shocking violence and gore when a disturbed young woman falls victim of a scheme for a fake audition. The violence is certainly cringe worthy and something that will give you a shudder of goosebumps!


Trouble Every Day



This 2001 french film serves up a hefty platter of romanticism, eroticism and cannibalism. How many films can claim to have an actual burning story to tell whilst delivering horror?







This blood-soaked, gory film is story about a woman hell bent on cutting out the unborn baby of another woman. See for yourself in this horrific trailer!






After she escapes, a young woman seeks revenge against those who kept her in captivity for over a year - Until the violence and depravity begins to spiral out of control.


Final Destination 2



The first sequel to the popular franchise, Death once again visits a group of strangers and begins to kill them off one by one in very creative ways! Lots of gore to go around!






A woman trapped in a traumatically abusive marriage - Until one day she has had enough and decides to unleash and exact satisfying revenge!




Suicide Club


One of the more bizarre and outrageous Japanese horror flicks out there! Don't worry, it's got the gore fix you need! But I would suggest checking out this trailer and the film for yourself.






Hostel II


Decapitations, castrations, and sickles oh my! The sequel to the much popular first film about back-packing to the wrong area and then being bought and sold to rich people who wish to murder you for pleasure!




A collection of some of the most prolific gore ever to hit celluloid.

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"

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