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House on the Edge of the Park


David Hess (The Last House On The Left) reprises a like-minded vicious character like he had in LHOTL as he and another hooligan do another home invasion! You're gonna get some disturbing bloody and gory content in this 1980 flick from Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato! Can you take it?


Island of Death



A psychotic couple on a Greek Island wreak murderous insanity on everyone they come across! This film doesn't push the envelope, it rips it up into shreds right in front of you and sets it on fire! It was banned in several countries!


I Spit On Your Grave (1978)


One of the first, if not The first, to be coined in the genre of "rape-revenge". Essentially you have a beautiful young woman who wants to be a writer, so she goes to a secluded cabin to get some work done - Only to be viciously gang-raped by four men and left for dead. Only she doesn't die and she's out for blood, and lots of it! I saw this for the first time when I was around 12 or 13 and after that, I was traumatize for a few weeks.





Directed by Italian Horror Maestro, Dario Argento, Suspiria is considered to be one of the most beautifully photographed horror films ever made!  A young woman comes to a ballet academy for the first time, therein the academy Something wicked roams, killing off the girls one by one in a grizzly manner!







I think the title, as well as the trailer, tell you everything you need to know about this movie. This 2009 horror flick may not be plot driven but who needs that when you're looking for gore?!




Dawn of the Dead (1978)


It's George Romero. It's Zombies. It's the threat of Zombies tearing at the flesh of the living and eating them! And in color! It's the quintessential franchise in the horror genre!


The Evil Dead



The iconic Sam Raimi horror picture gave the genre a new twist with his manic style of shooting! A evil book sets loose a demon who turns a group of friends staying at a cabin into demonic creatures, leaving all but one to survive!




High Tension


From French filmmaker Alexandre Aja comes his break out film that made lovers of the horror genre stand up and take notice! A Fantastic psychological horror picture with plenty of gore to go around!






When a movie theater in West Berlin becomes overrun by demons, whose only want is to possess and kill the theater occupants, their only hope is to band together and fight back!








An insane medical student finds a way to re-animate dead tissue and bring the dead back to life in 1985's version of H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale!






Clive Barker's tale of sadomasochistic looking demons who come to bring hell on earth! Who doesn't like a little S & M with their horror??






Wouldn't you do anything to keep your wife happy? Well, one man does when he brings home a corpse for his wife get sexual gratification from. Only he can't catch a break because his wife falls for the corpse inatead. Go figure.




The Killer Nun 


A twisted nun goes on a violent rampage whilst practicing lesbianism and being hooked on morphine!








From the mind of David Cronenberg comes a story about parasites who take over people and making them do horrendous things to one another! Cronenberg's early work from the 70's.






Men Behind

the Sun 


P.O.W.s are sent to a secret place where mental and physical torture are carried out in horrifying fashion!




The Driller Killer 


Life can be proven to be too much for some people but really! A man overwhelmed by life is pushed over the brink of madness and takes to the streets to kill people with a power drill.





A creepy tall man uses otherworldly devices to kill people in gruesome ways, but a boy intends to throw a wrench into that and stop it! It's a staple in a American horror cinema beloved by many!



Hobo With A Shotgun


A brilliantly rendered 2011 exploitation styled flick about a disgruntled, disenfranchised homeless man who is fed up with the lawless society he lives in. He then takes upon himself to "clean house" with a trusty shotgun.


The Ruins 


The curse of a Mayan ruin traps 5 tourists at the top of its stone pyramid structure, where unthinkable horror and madness will devour their lives!










A Serbian Film 


An aged porn star wants out of the business but is pulled back in for one last film. The tasks to follow will test his sanity and his humanity. The content of this film got it banned in several countries. You have been warned





A collection of some of the most prolific gore ever to hit celluloid.

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"

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