For A Good Time, Call... Review​


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


If you can write a good story, that's great. If you can pull a great cast together, that's great. If you set out to entertain people with your movie, That's great! But the films that really get my attention, that make me perk up and take notice is the ones that make waves. The ones that have something to say. And I feel like FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL...provides that. The first film I saw from writer/director Izzy Lee was INNSMOUTH starring Tristan Risk and Diana Porter. And what I enjoyed about it was that it contained a simple mystery plot that turned horrific, and it was very H.P. Lovecraft. But, more than that, it was a risk-taking short film in what it wanted to show you, and what it was Going to show you. It was very clear to me that Izzy was, and still is, a filmmaker with no regard for tact in the way she was going to tell a story, what she was going to film and put on screen. There was going to be no shying or cutting away from anything. And that is something I respect in an artist and always have. With the film FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL...I recently learned this was a short that was suppose to be part of an anthology. That being said, I really love that this was a righteously and fiercely awesome feminist piece that said tons about the dangers of male entitlement and the damage it can cause -- And then throwing in there a really cool fucked up revenge payoff. So essentially there is a guy named Alex (played by Trinity's Sean Carmichael) who has sex with Alice (played by Trinity's Diana Porter). And what I found to be great is that that moment isn't shot and performed to be titillating. It get's very uncomfortable mainly because of who Alex is, and knowing what he's done, which is recording himself having sex with Alice. Secretly, without her knowledge and then proceeds to post it online. So when he gets lured into a public restroom, some very weird stuff begins to transpire, which then turns horrifying. I won't ruin the end but I will say that it was as satisfactory as sinking into a nice hot tub. Because even after doing so, it's still enjoyable and that satisfaction will not fade.


"I think the consistent subject matter of Izzy Lee's rage through her extreme feminist filmmaking is a reflection of her frustrations with the world perception at large towards women, and her own country's attitude in particular. Trump, Brock, Billy Bush, Bill O'Reilly are all symptoms of a toxic attitude towards women, and Izzy Lee's films aims to euthanize this behavior with shocking cinematic imagery." - Tristan Risk

Writer: Christopher Hallock

Director: Izzy Lee

Starring: Sean Carmichael, Diana Porter, Tristan Risk, 

Rated: Not Rated

Running Time: 12 minutes

Genre: Horror

Country/Language: USA/English

Year: 2017

How It Can Be Seen: Coming Soon


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