What do you get when you mix a group of high school classmates, a haunted school with a tragic past and one night locked in that school? Scary good fun! I'll admit it, the only thing I had to gripe about this flick was the overdone found footage format style. But after getting sucked into the movie, the style became secondary to the horror that was unfolding onscreen. It had all the trappings of an effective good old fashioned horror movie: A group of relatively unknown young actors/actresses - Check. A couple of relatively unknown budding filmmakers - Check. The help of two of Hollywood's very successful production entities in Blumhouse & Warner Bros - Check. And a time-honored tradition in horror films of planting moments of cheap, cheesy jump scares - Check!



Not to mention when you add really good publicity before the film's release it does bump it up a notch. I'm sure everyone had read or heard a month or so back about the viral sensation called the "Charlie, Charlie Challenge". If you hadn't heard of the challenge or connected the dots by now, allow me to help you out. It was a brilliantly timed propaganda stunt that was connected with the film. You got to give it to them though for conjuring up such an clever way to help gain the movie's popularity. 



If you're ever asked to describe the plot of this movie to anyone, it's quite simple. A group high school classmates break into their school to pull a late night prank in order to disrupt their school play, but only to piss off the angry spirit of a kid who tragically died as a result of a freak accident during that very same play a decade earlier - And thus begins the group's long night of hellish ghostly shenanigans that ultimately culminate in their horrifying demise. But worry not little minions of horror, it's not ALL that predictable! Even though there may be times where you'll either talk at the screen or in your head saying things like, "Nooo, why'd you go down the dark hallway?!". The movie still manages to retain moments of shocking plot twists, bizarre back stories and an ending that'll make you blurt out "W.T.F." later as you exit the auditorium!



Sure the horror is there! But for a group of young actors and two directors whose first attempt at a feature length horror flick was this movie, then their film deserves, at the very least, a viewing! And if you like it or even love it, definitely see it again! It was all executed (pardon the pun) quite well!



Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"



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