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by: Jerry Smith

We’ve all been in love. That passionate, obsessive, “SHE/HE’S MY SOULMATE” kind of love and for some, that weird obsession begins before even meeting the person. The truth is, some of us are awkward as hell and when it comes down to meeting someone and introducing yourself to said “soulmate”, we just don’t have it in us to make the move. I write this as a way to move into speaking on Eric England’s GET THE GIRL, but let’s be real, I’m not that guy. I’m the guys those guys come to for help. That’s a lie too, but hey, I’m trying to keep this badass image up, okay?! Help a guy out.


Clarence (Justin Dobie) is a wealthy young man, one who has absolutely no game but is head over heels in love with Alexandra (Elizabeth Whitson), the soon to be divorced bartender at the bar he frequents....just to see her. Having attempted to make his move and having failed horribly, Clarence comes across and decides to hire the smooth Patrick (LOOPER/DEADGIRL’s Noah Segan) to come up with a plan for the young, rich kid to find a way into her heart. While the film could have very easily steered into romantic comedy fodder from here on out, it doesn’t. Instead, we’re given the very original and hilarious at times tale of one of the stupidest ideas ever (not in the filmmakers’ direction, by stupidest, I mean Clarence and Patrick are two knuckleheads whose misfortunes and bad decisions provide us with constant entertainment). Patrick’s plan is to kidnap Alexandra and set it up where Clarence will “save her” and win her heart. Easy enough, yeah? Yeah, right.

What GET THE GIRL does, is show how much of a versatile filmmaker England is. This is the guy who helmed the horrific (in a good way) CONTRACTED, the side of the road thriller ROADSIDE and so on. He’s a filmmaker who has shown growth and improvement with every single film he’s directed and that growth is on full display with GET THE GIRL. It’s a kinetic and exciting comedy thriller, filled with great set pieces, hilarious performances from Segan and especially the crazy group of masked accomplices he puts together, which includes HALLOWEEN (2007)’s Scout-Taylor Compton, CARNAGE PARK’s James Landry Hébert and the loose cannon of the bunch, actor/producer Adi Shankar (the man produced THE GREY, DREDD and those crazy, gritty short films DIRTY LAUNDRY and POWER RANGERS). The supporting cast does such a great job playing their respectively wild parts, that it gives Dobie, Segan and Whitson room to play it softly, making the film an ensemble piece and unique one at that.


Filled with so many twists that it will  surprise even the most detective-like viewer, GET THE GIRL is a film in which nothing is as it seems, including its characters and one that shows how talented filmmaker/writer England is, having adapted the film from a story by actor/director/producer Graham Denman and doing his own thing with it.  It’s a refreshing and completely original film, one that plays on both sides of the fence, making you laugh one minute and keeping you on the edge of your seat for the rest.  



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