It's no surprise that the Paranormal Activity franchise has kept its head above water all this time. It has managed to survive criticism and nay-sayers. That said, much like the plot of this latest book end film to complete the franchise, I will be straight, to the point and pretty darn brief.

Director Gregory Plotkin served as editor on Paranormal Activity 3, 4, and 5. But he's in the driver's seat for this flick. The cast includes Chris J. Murray as Ryan (The Father), Brit Shaw as Emily (The Mother), Ivy George as Leila (Their daughter), Dan Gill as Mike (Ryan's Brother) and Olivia Taylor Dudley as Skyler (Emily's Friend).


I won't deny that these Paranormal Activity movies are charming. They do have a certain gravitas and charm to them that makes people want to continue to see them. They have one continuous singular plot (not story, plot) that connects all the movies together; however, with the exception of part 4 and 5 (The Marked Ones), which seems to barely keep the connection (especially to the characters of Katie and her younger sister Kristi, we see only the younger Katie and Kristi in this finale.

Ok, here it is, let me quickly break down the plot for you as simply as I can: A demon named Toby uses a coven of witches to gain enough children to make him real. That's it. That's all it is. By Part 3 we get the jist of what's going on. By Part 4 we're merely experiencing different ways these films can scare us an we have just about forgotten about the plot. Which would probably explain the fact that by the time Part 6 comes around it reintroduces you to the original plot line of the demon named Toby and what his goal is.


TO ME: If you need 3 people to come up with the "story" (but let's be real, it's a plot, and not the greatest one at that), and 4 whole people to actually write it out, something's not right, something's not clicking in the writing and basically you just have 4 guys sitting around trying to come up with clever ways to scare people. Which don't get me wrong, if there are a few positive things to be said about the movie it's that the visuals and scares were effective! However by the end I found myself saying, "Wow, wait, that's it? 6 whole movies lead to that??". And let's not forget the blatant throwback to Poltergeist. You could watch both movies side by side and pick out major components that are strikingly similar.

All that said, I'll leave you with this notion: Just because I myself wasn't necessarily feeling this movie from certain stand points, doesn't mean I won't urge you to see it. If ALL you're looking for is an creepy ghost found footage style movie with some effective scares and visuals here and there, then see it. But that's all you're gonna get out of it.


Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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