Up until recently my local theater didn't really hint at any signs of showing this film, but when the trailer first dropped I knew immediately that I needed to see this picture. And that is why I wrote to my local theater and lobbied for them to bring it in! And lo and behold they accommodated my request and managed to bring it to the theater! It was a real treat to see the film on the big screen! It was refreshingly tense with a specific visual style , and not to mention, I mean, come on, Patrick Stewart starring in a role as a menacing skinhead leader? Such a departure from Anything he's done in his career! I knew that something I needed to witness on screen for myself! 

A punk band, struggling to make ends meet takes on a gig at a seedy joint ran and attended by skinheads. But when they witness a murder, all bets are off and their lives hang in the balance as they try to make it through the night against a pack of murderous white supremacists! Director Jeremy Saulnier makes waves once again after his wave-making previous sophomore feature, Blue Ruin! A film that made rounds 3 years ago and got people talking! And now with this picture, he's got people talking once again. What I've noticed about Jeremy's style is that it's very quite specific. With Green Room (Green Room, Blue Ruin. I'm sensing a pattern of colors here), the violence is brutal but distinctly matter of fact. It's more of a means to an end, as opposed to where most films and filmmakers would wanna lean into making the violence more dramatic, this film treats it like, "Hey, this is what's happening to these kids, now let me show you what happens next." Because the story is more about survival and less about the gory details of the violent acts. And I find that sort of energy a delight. Now I'm not saying that just because the movie doesn't linger on the violence that it's barely there. It's very in your face, it's brutal, it's bloody and it doesn't hold back. But it's very sudden.


This young cast was an absolute dream! Anton Yelchin, Joe Cole, Alia Shawkat, Callum Turner, Mark Webber, Imogen Poots! Now, trust me if you're having a tough time placing names, you'd sure remember there faces as you would have seen them in a number of TV Shows and Movies. The fact remains though that they really helped create, with their performances, this world that they're a part of and living in! They really pulled off the fact that they're just a group of kids in a punk band who fall into a really messed up situation, they're scared shitless, and they just want to go home. They were all so fantastic! Patrick Stewart. P. Stew. Alright no, it's just Patrick Stewart. It gives the man a little more integrity. He really is quite chilling in this role at the skinhead leader, Darcy. He doesn't play his character as a wild and crazy maniac. He almost lurks in the shadows - Quiet and ruthless. That is how he wanted to develop that character with Jeremy Saulnier, and it comes off methodically menacing. It's almost frustrating how calm and collect his character is with all of the despicable things he does! Jeremy makes mention that one day on set Patrick Stewart said to him that "we had achieved a world record for him, this was his quietest performance of his entire career - On stage or screen." I find that to be tremendously accurate. But I think you should decide for yourself and see this intense, suspenseful thriller! Now in theaters!



Green Room Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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