Hank Boyd is Dead Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"





Writer/Director: Sean Melia

Stars: Stefanie Frame, David Christopher Wells, Liv Booth, Michael Hogan

Rating: Not Rated

Running Time: 1 hour 16 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Crime

Country/Language: USA/English

Year: 2015

Where It Can Be Seen: Amazon



And you thought Your family was messed up! 


When Sarah Walsh (Stefanie Frame), comes back to her home town and begins work as a caterer, her first gig is for a wake of a guy she use to know, Hank Boyd. His family, she learns, is at the center of a whirlwind of danger and dark past secrets she will soon discover and become a captive in their very home to keep their secrets buried!


The first thing I found pleasantly striking was its natural performances! Which left a lot of room for its dark humor to find its rightful places sprinkled through out the film - Some in odd places, but that's the beauty of it; it makes it all the more off beat and at times delightfully uncomfortable. The editing is also something I thoroughly enjoyed! It did this thing where it would jump back and forth from realistic interviews, to old home movie archival footage from what looked like the 1960's, to the actual film itself. What was so cool about that was that it not only moved the story forward in a fresh way, but it made it feel like the story itself could've been true, like a true crime story. And that's really what I thought of it as - One of those programs you see on TV about real crimes and murder mysteries. I couldn't really see it as a horror film, even though that's how others are seeing it. Which totally makes sense. It does have its elements.


The pacing is something to be impressed by! It never, and I mean NEVER lets up! I never felt like it would stop to take a breather. And that was all due to those performances by its leading cast - Stefanie Frame, David Christopher Well, Liv Booth, and Michael Hogan! What seems like a simple dysfunctional family at first is only the tip of the iceberg as each passing scene unearths a deeper level of dysfunction, danger, depravity, and dark twisted humor within the family! I for one really enjoyed this film, and will continue to look forward to seeing more movies to watch by its writer/director Sean Melia!

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