The story is as follows: Church (Jennifer), Risk (Cat), Nye (Ben), and Crowe (Josh) all play a group of friends who rent a little lodge out in the woods to celebrate Ben's birthday. While there they meet a guy named Mark (Kevin Roach) and lounge by a secluded lake. Only something other-worldly and alien resides around and in the lake itself!


Now, as simply put as I wrote that out, there is so much more going on in the story and with the characters, so much more subtext and things to think about. Which is one of the things I loved about this picture! It wasn't of the norm - at all! What I found particularly fascinating was this other-worldly alien force fed on sexual energy from human beings. So it became this sexually driven Sci-fi/Horror story about loss of identity, which in part drew from the classic Invasion of The Body Snatchers, where people no longer become people, but instead puppets.


In this film there were also some really impressive alien-esque props, practical make up effects, with tentacles and other things that I will leave for you to see for yourself! And yet they all somehow made its way into symbolizing erotic things. And there's no way I can forget to mention the breathtaking Cinematography by Brian Williams! He really chewed up the scenery with some magnificent shots of the landscape and nature that all softened the bizarre things that were happening in the story! And another element that made those bizarre things happening, bearable to watch was the downright hypnotic score that in a way I cannot explain, added emotionality and mystery to it all!


As I sat and watched the film, I could not get over this gnawing feeling that I was seeing a film with David Cronenberg undertones attached to it. I'm not sure if anyone else who has seen the film noticed this as well or perhaps I am just off my rocker. But that's what came to me. Much like the environment they were in, the performances of the cast were natural and organic, and therefore it was not difficult to believe that these were actual people and not just actors playing characters. And finally, Scott Schirmer managed to create a bizarre sci-fi horror story and gave it some sort of depth and thought provoking intrigue. His vision and direction on this picture left me with everlasting images stuck in my brain, and kept me thinking about the movie after I've seen it! If you're into the bizarre or love sci-fi, horror or just a great fan of Scott Schirmer's work, please, do yourself a favor and see this film! 


Harvest Lake Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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