Said to be "the lost slasher film of 1978", Headless is an exploitation style horror film from director Arthur Cullipher. It stars Ellie Church, Shane Beasley, and actor/filmmaker Brian Williams.


This picture is certainly a pastiche of some of the most shocking hardcore horror films of the 70's and 80's. If this had been made by a studio in today's standards and practices, it would be painfully watered down. But the fact that it was made independently, it sets out to shock and leaves just about very little to the imagination. If one were to enjoy  seeing it all up there on the screen, trust me, this is the film to see as it holds nothing back.


Very simply put, Headless is about a tormented serial killer who goes around, kidnapping young women, torturing them only to decapitate them and well, you know what? I'll leave it to you viewers to discover the rest for yourselves!


What I find particularly interesting about this picture is that once you get past the macabre, the madness, the depravity, the blood, guts and gore, the film explores the killer's past, how he grew up and what made him the way he is. There is a level of psychological horror that allows you to delve into the mind of the Killer through his past.


This very well could've turn out to be a straight forward slasher flick, and maybe that's how they're spinning this to draw people in to see it, but I believe it to be anything but.


And in it's own way it allows some wiggle room to understand what made him be what he is, and even perhaps empathize with him as he goes through his anguish. Watching it I even began to wonder if he himself actually truly enjoyed what he did or if he just found a source of some sort of tormented pleasure as he fell into a pattern or vicious cycle as a direct cause of his traumatizing upbringing.


If you get a chance to, see Headless and decide for yourself what you believe and think about the film and story! And I sure would love some feedback - Hit me up and let me know what you think!




Headless Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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