A big part of what I love about what I do is getting to see a film come to life on screen! And then there are just some films, whether they be a short or a feature, that just have an impact on you. They will provoke thoughts and emotions that perhaps you would not have given much attention to otherwise on any other given day. And that is what the short, "Healed" written and directed by George O'Connor, as well produced by actress Dana Porter (Picket, Innsmouth, A Favor), has done!


Originally created as a graphic novel, written by George himself and co-created/illustrated by Griffin Ess, "Healed" poses a very loaded question - "What If?" - George does this by creating a world in which all disease and illness have vanished, and people come to grips with this sudden shift. And since we live in a prolonged era of millions of people living with, and dying of, Cancer and other diseases/illnesses, this tale and the questions it poses are incredibly relevant.


In this short, the scene is set in a church, as a priest (played quite strongly by Arthur Laurie)and his congregation examine during mass what life will mean for them all as the entirety of disease and illness is no longer an issue. Now, no matter what your belief system may be, we are still human beings who grapple with disease and illness, that's just part of our human nature. But I think as we are faced with the fleeting mortality of not only our loved ones, but ourselves, especially in some cases dealing with terminal illnesses, the meaning of life is explored. What do we consider natural versus unnatural death, and how do we categorize them? Who decides what is a natural or unnatural death?


In just 4 minutes, this film becomes a brilliantly crafted thought provoking, discussion-inducing exploration of life, death, and the countless questions that follow them.


Healed Movie Review

by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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