He Never Died (2015) film thoughts... I have been a massive fan of Henry Rollins work from the early 1980's, his music/performances/writings have influenced me deeply on many levels. While, I never paid too much attention to his acting spots (mainly due to the fact that films he was in didn't interest me too much), I read recently that he was starring in this film, He Never Died, and the interview he gave was interesting. There is much that cannot be said without spoiling the film itself. Rollins, stars as Jack, a strange person who right from the beginning of the film, you know something is off base with him. The opening scene as he gets out of bed gives so much away that you know you are in for a ride (kudos to the makeup department for covering the Search and Destroy tattoo well). He speaks with very short answers and appears to have great strength. A cast of characters are introduced, most all having ties with his past, including a long lost daughter of 19 years. There is a prospective love interest too, but of course, we know that he has some curse that prevents him from moving forward in that department. What exactly is Jack's secret? Why does he like Bingo so much? So many questions...to find the answers, you will need to watch the film.


This is marketed as a horror film, but it's much more than that, hard to put it nicely into any genre. It has drama, comedic and horror elements that are needed to tell this story. Mostly though it's a character study crafted for Henry Rollins to perform. I loved the look of the film, it strangely reminded me of the look they got with Friday the 13th: the Series. I know people rag on Rollins with his acting style, but he creates a very believable character. His deadpan delivery works, showing the tiredness of Jack and his existence. There is a long monologue he delivers at one point explaining all the jobs his character has had over the years, making you wonder exactly how long he has been on this earth. The bingo scenes were very funny, growing up in the Catholic Church, I related to them immensely. So don't judge this film at face value, you might not like Rollins, though in this film he really does a great job. I liked it and recommend you seeing it, I will be adding it to the collection myself.



He Never Died Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend on Film"


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