The very singular moment when I found out about this film being made, I was simply ecstatic! For many reasons - The cast, the director, the look. It was all connecting with me. But most of all, it was the concept. The story. I had a chance to read the book J.G. Ballard afterwards (usually I read books after I've seen the adaptations, unless I've already read the book). And I know that's ass backwards. But as much as I love both books and film, I find it tremendously challenging to judge and compare a book to a film. Most people cannot comprehend that these are two very different mediums. What may work for a book doesn't always work for a film, and vice versa. That being written, Though there were some things that differed from the book to the film, the essence of the story and what it was about still remained. It was exquisitely adapted by Amy Jump (writer and wife of director Ben Wheatley).


The story is that in the 1970's there is a high-rise building that houses people of all kinds: Upper, middle, and lower class. It contains a full operational supermarket, swimming pool, a gym, everything people need to survive. When a doctor named Laing (Tom Hiddleston) moves in and begins to notice the collection of absurdities and oddities within the building and amongst its occupants, things begin to unravel. It all becomes maddening and out of control. What I found incredibly entertaining and fascinating at the same time was how reflective it was of real life. It completely mirrored human society and culture. The novel, and now the film, is just as relevant now as it was and still is. No matter how contained and harmonious you may want to have people be, people will be people. It's human nature for things to be chaotic, out of control, no matter much we want things to be Under control. It's inevitable. When things amongst the building's inhabitants begin to dissolve and a revolution begins, there's something wonderfully liberating about the way it was shot and directed, overflowing with creative beauty. And that was all due to filmmaker Ben Wheatley who managed to construct and capture that maddening decadent energy on film. Much like the characters in the story, the music was joyously eclectic. It will go from classical to 70's era to modern in a matter of a few scenes, and that was refreshing to hear in a motion picture. It's always satisfying. With a cast like Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, Elisabeth Moss, and James Purefoy, you have a charismatic melting pot of talent - More than enough to fill a 2 hour film. This was an entertaining and thought-provoking treat to watch! Definitely worth checking out on Amazon!



High-Rise Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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