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The best way to simulate the sound of a breaking femur is to pack a piece of celery with dry spaghetti and snap it. Chocolate sauce makes excellent fake blood, but only if you film it in black & white.


Yes, it’s that time of year in Whistler BC as dozens of professional and amateur filmmakers pull out all the DIY tricks of the horror film genre to create their masterpieces for the 13th annual Heavy Hitting HorrorFest on October 30, 2015.


Conceived in 2002 as an excuse for Whistler filmmakers to get bloody, muddy and weird, Heavy Hitting HorrorFest has grown into one of Canada’s premiere short film festivals and is celebrated as a one-night, balls to the wall orgy of horrorific short films and Halloween mayhem.


And you can get in on the fun. Heavy Hitting HorrorFest is open to submissions of short horror films under 10 minutes in length. Selected films will screen at the 2015 HorrorFest in Whistler BC and live-streamed on the internet to select audiences around the globe as filmmakers compete for the coveted Silver Skully Trophy, considered “The Stanley Cup of Horror.”


“This festival has always been about having fun, making films and honing your craft,” explains Heavy Hitting co-founder Feet Banks. “Fans of monsters, slashers, martians, chupacabras, bigfoots, zombies, lesbian vampires and giant leeches have always got a home in Whistler every October 30.”


Submission Deadline is October 16, 2015 and there is no submission fee. “This is a filmmaker’s festival,” Banks explains. “You shouldn’t have to pay me to watch your movies — I want to see what kind of gnarly shit people can dream up. That’s what it’s all about.”


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