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HorrorFest 2015


I keep having these bursts, it would seem. I've always been more of a marathon, slow-and-steady type in my ways, but when it comes to writing, sprints are my forte. I find I'll write large amounts in short bursts then have a tempestuous relationship with my laptop after where I know full well I should be working on something, but I instead pass time by dumping precious moments into pursuing interesting cat videos or shitty paranormal documentaries. I'll normally be otherwise occupied too, from time to time, with things away from the digital world, and October was one such case for me.


Aside from all the intense amount of activities, this has been one of the most pleasant Octobers I've spent as while I was busy, I wasn't overwhelmed. I saw the world record for the longest tattoo get surpassed, I went on tour with my new circus troupe the Caravan Of Creeps and traveled to two cities I've not seen in too long: Toronto and Whistler. The former for Fangoria's Horror-rama convention was a highlight as well, and sharing a panel with a number of Women In Horror heavyweights was an honour, but one of the lights at the far end of my autumnal engagements dash was the Heavy Hitting Horrorfest. (link:


I've been doing the HHH for three years now. My first year was with Sweet Soul Burlesque, followed by a year with the sisters Soska (and Melody Mangler), which brings me to 2015. I now always look forward to and anticipate the HHH as kind of warm-up to the big bad 31st of October. The Heavy Hitting Horrorfest is a film festival, nestled away up in Whistler, B.C. But for those who are unaware of Whistler and it's sister Squamish (aka Squamton) crew, this rare jewel is an oasis  of sass. Whistler is a party town of the highest degree, and I've met people I danced with at festivals in the summer on the ski slopes and in the village. Anticipating the party is like frosting on the festival cake.


The idea is a solid one: anyone can submit a short film. This runs the gamut from the pros to the weekend warriors. It's inclusiveness encourages filmmakers - all of them - to bring out their best hardcore, grindhouse, crazy, horror vibes onto the screen. Films made by plumbers are shown alongside films made by film students. In previous years, it had been held at the Fairmont Hotel, though this year there was a viewing at Rainbow Theatre and Whistler Conference Centre, with a live feed being shown at Garfinkles nightclub to house the overspill of enthusiastic gore hounds. Rowdy, raucous, and fun, the films this year did not disappoint.


The List of Films Screened is here.


HorrorFest intro - Stu Mackay Smith

Lingerie Trampoline Massacre - Feet Banks

Zombooze (trailer) - Johnny Fleet and Kelly McGee

Mr Denton - Ivan Villamej

Crow Hand - Brian Lonano

Blood Pays Blood (trailer) - Lee Karlovic

Tuck Me In - Ignacio F Rodo

SIDS - Turner Steward

Blood HItch -Murray Siple

Nikolai - Dallas Harvey

Vampax 3 - Feet Banks

Hallow - Leigh Powis

Canadian Fangsters - Danielle Lawson

Kwyatt Rhyatt - Conrad Shapanskuy

Mamma Karma - Matt Krumins

Exposure - Ignacio F Rodo

Johnny Slaughter - Jon Veder

Madre de Dios - Gigi Saul Guererro / Luchagore Productions

MouthWorm - Sharai Rewels

Dick Proof 2- Sam McGlynn

















While in previous years, I had only been accompanied by my female compatriots for performance, this year I had two of the boys from Caravan Of Creeps, my circus performance group with me, as well as Indigo the serpent. While the boys had never experienced a HHH before, I had a blast with them. Not to mention taking naked snake selfies in the hotel room, being down the hall from the Luchagore crew, and being able to enjoy the rot-and-roll vibe. There's something about the combination of beautiful natural splendour that is B.C. mixed with lots of fake blood on screen, and party folks that makes for one of my favourite alchemic combinations.


Evidently, I'm not the only one who feels this way. The Heavy Hitting Horrorfest has been going for 14 years strong, already outpacing most of its brethren festivals. But I'm totally ruining it's secret by telling you that you should seek it out, if you ever want a glimpse into our West Coast life. As a side note, I also picked up Best Nude Scene for Luchagore's Madre De Dios, which also starred Indigo, so technically there were two actresses present to represent. Though to be fair, Indigo takes better direction than I do some days.


The winner of this year's festival knocked two time winners Luchagore with Dick Proof 2. They not only brought their A-Game to the festival, but the director was a good sport, and made sure to staple Burns' head for $50, which never grows old as a party game. If you want to know more about the aftermath, you can check the DICKPROOF 2 boys out here. (link:


Here is the list of the 2015 winners for the Heavy Hitting Horrorfest!


2015 AwardsBest In Show (Silver Skull Trophy),  - Dickproof 2  - Dir. Sam McGlynnPeople’s Champion – Madre de Dios   - Gigi Saul Guererro/Luchagore ProductionsBest Actor – Moldy Moldolofsky, Canadian FangstersBest Actress – Raquel Christensen, Hallow HorrorFest Rookie of the Year : Turner Stewart,   writer/director/actor: SIDSBest Nude Scene:  Tristan Risk, Madre de DiosBest International:  Crow Hand, Director: Brian LonanoBest Soundtrack: Brooklyn DellyCat & Cam Harding Canadian FangstersBest Effect:  Car flip, Dickproof 2Best Death Scene: Mirror stab, Dickproof 2ESW Manimal Award for Most Fearless Performance: Turner Steward, SIDS (it was awesome!)


And big love to the sponsors for making it the gong show of awesomeness that it always is: Gibbons Life, Landyatchz, LUX VFX, Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers, Whistler Film Festival, Bass Coast Festival, Sandbox, Watermark Communications, Whistler Escape Rooms, Base Camp x, Puff, Crazy 8’s


Who are we going to see in the mountain next year? Grab your cameras...

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