Veronica Sixtos plays Claudia, a young woman who is a Mexican immigrant, raised and living in the United States; when she gets busted for credit card fraud, she gets deported. She is then sent to live with her estranged father while in Mexico - Until she gets mixed up with a dangerous man who promises her a way back into the U.S.


I've come to be introduced to the likes of Veronica Sixtos through YouTube - If you don't know who she is, see this movie! Otherwise do yourself a really big favor and look her up on YouTube, she's also a wonderful singer and she covers well known songs quite incredibly! Having worked her way up to this film, she has done shorts and other projects to definitely look into. Now, what she does on YouTube or other things she has done earlier in her career are one thing, but I felt she truly and utterly shines in this role and in this movie! Her character, Claudia, is a stoic silent one who needn't say much of anything unless she absolutely feels the need to. Veronica provides a performance that is both harrowing and brimming with a variety of pent up emotion. What's beautifully specific about her performance is how Claudia plays the cards of her thoughts and feelings very close to her chest - She reveals nothing until she's already either said it or done it. And that's quite refreshing to see in a female lead character. Another thing is that Claudia always seems to be caught in the middle of things - Whether it be caught between cultures, or caught between doing the right thing or the wrong thing. And I felt that Veronica did so well walking that tightrope, as well as going places emotionally and performance wise that just blew me away. There were some incredibly bold moments that it was really impressive to watch Veronica go to those places. I felt the relationship between Claudia and her grandmother was a very beautiful and honest one. To me it was the soul of the story.


Writer Kaitlin McLaughlin and Director Michael Dwyer both captivated me with the world they crafted and conveyed, story wise along with locations and cinematography. It was a beautiful movie to watch, as well as an honest one that really captured the suspense and the drama quite perfectly. It was as intense as it was stunning. I seriously wish this film all the success in the world, but to me, in my book, it's already a huge success! Between the cast and crew, they have all managed to capture lightning in a bottle that is completely remarkable to watch!



Hostile Border Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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