Maddie is a withdrawn deaf/mute writer who is stays in a secluded home to write her novel; she has a friendly neighbor and a cat she calls "Bitch", only she seems to have a bad case of writer's block. Her night becomes direly ruined when a psychotic killer is hunting her. Now, the reason why I lead with the fact that this character is deaf and mute is because I want you to realize how massively important sound (and lack there of) is to the story. It is so impressively handled and used in this film, right from the beginning of Scene 1! To the point where a huge portion of the film is without dialogue! Which I myself find really intelligent because then you're left to tell a story really without the use of people talking to each other, the story must be told through actions. I find that wonderfully refreshing! The other point that makes this story so important is the fact that Maddie is a writer. Now, I will come out and say it: Yes, there has been other movies in the past (more notably in horror films) where you find out that the main character is a writer. Not to say that's a bad thing! It's a great way to get to know a character. But typically it stops there in movies. In this film the fact that our heroine is a writer actually becomes a useful tool to her survival, in ways I won't even go into because I really want people to see this film and be wowed by how exceptionally clever this story was crafted! At first glance one could mistake it for a typical hack and slash type of horror flick, but for me it was a marvelously thrilling cat and mouse film that anyone who loves suspense-riddled horror flicks, should add to their list of movies to see!


This picture was brilliantly scribed by director Mike Flanagan (whose other work such as "Oculus" and "Before I Wake", you may recognize), and actress Kate Siegel. The marital duo rendered a perfectly constructed script in my eyes! Kate played Maddie astoundingly with such strength, and then balanced it tremendously well with moments of sheer authentic vulnerability! She was just captivating to watch! John Gallagher Jr (whom you may recognize from the recently released successful "10 Cloverfield Lane") played The Killer so well! My motto is: A protagonist is only as good as their antagonist. And John really sunk his teeth into that role with delightful! When you see him as this threatening figure, it's quite clear that he is a force you do not want to mess around with! If by chance one night you're click around on Netflix, not really knowing what to watch, and you want to see something good and scary - Do yourself a favor and check out Hush! 



Hush Movie Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


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