What is the relationship between The Illuminati and Hip Hop? To discover this we must first examine each paradigm individually. First of all, The Illuminati, what is it and who are they? The speculations surrounding this most secret of societies are rife throughout written history (masonic) and virtual uploading and posting (internet/social media). People have whispered, rumored and even declared the identities of this mysterious and seemingly highly powerful and influential group. I don't know if they exist and certainly do not know who are they are and I will not further add to the conspiracy with this article. For the purposes of this article I will refer to them as the Music Industry & the Media. For if the rumors are true, they are one of the same and I will suggest how they go about silencing the music/message of Hip Hop and the political voices the culture celebrates. 



         Hip Hop Culture began in the Bronx in the late 1960's early 1970's in the form of Block Parties. Block Parties were an affordable, fun way for the local African American community to come together and express the norms and values that made up their inner-city culture. Notable artists at this time include DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five and Afrika Bombaataa. During this time Hip-hop Scholars created the 4 elements of Hip Hop to define what they saw as a civil rights movement in and of itself – these elements are B-Boying or Break Dancing, Emceeing or Raping, Graffiti, Dee-Jaying or Turntablism and the 5th element: Knowledge, Culture & Overstanding (often defined as Entrepreneurship).  These elements helped to define the movement and the vibe and energy of the music itself. To put it simply...



“The Universal Zulu Nation spreads the word of peace, love, unity, and having fun through the many Elements of Hip Hop culture.”  

Afrika Bombaataa.




    During the 1970's the locus for Hip Hop was the inner-city streets of New York but as the 1980's & MTV came into materialistic being, Hip Hop music and culture began to be noticed by the industry and to spread its wings to other countries and inner-city cultures; as it was a voice for the voiceless and spoke the truth of life for the oppressed and disenchanted.  



Hip Hop culture became global and began to find commercial success with artists like RUN DMC, Beastie Boys & Public Enemy. Also, Gangsta Rap, a distinctive rap style born out of Los Angeles, California on the West Coast (as opposed to NYC on the East Coast) rose to popularity at this time with groups like N.W.O. & The Doggpound & artists like Ice-T & Nate Dog. And even though highly controversial in content, Gangsta rap gained high levels of commercial success and became notorious as the most political form of music since Punk Rock.



    So what happens when a cultural art form populated and supported by minorities begins to break through to commercial platforms such as MTV? What happens when the dominant culture i.e. White Culture begins to adopt the fashion, attitude and even religious beliefs of Hip Hop? The Music Industry & The Media, who in alignment with the powers that be 'The Illuminati' (which is used as a label to understand the machinations of corporatization in U.S.A. Europe & The United Kingdom) discredit the artists involved, to destroy the public image of its most influential figures and silence the voice of its most political of public speakers. To show how this process of denigration works, I will focus one of Hip Hop's loudest and most passionate voices and his untimely demise – Tupac  Amaru Shakur. 




    2Pac (born Lesane Parish Crooks), quickly rose to infamy/fame as a notable/notorious voice of criminality and black culture within Los Angeles (even though he hailed from NYC). He acted in feature films such as Juice https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juice_(film), with prominent Hollywood stars such as Samuel L. Jackson & Queen Latifah. Tupac was not only becoming a household name through the Music Industry & Media but also as a spokesman for black youth culture and African Americans at large. Now, what a lot of people do not know is that Tupac wanted to move on from life as a rapper/actor and venture into politics; as he felt this is where he could use his celebrity status for the good of his people and follow in the steps of Hip-hop scholars such as Chuck D., KRS-One, Professor Griff of Public Enemy and of course, Minister Farrakhan.






    The Music Industry and their corporate/political investors were not happy with this turn of events. The dominant ideology of America is that of White Corporate America. And their celebrities and their image and voice must influence the youth, of white corporate America, to suit their own ends. The Illuminati had a solution to the Tupac problem (just as they had a solution for Michael Jackson, Notorious B.I.G. and currently DMX), destroy his image, silence his voice and if that does not work, have him assassinated.  This may seem like conspiracy to the 33rd degree but if you look at the criminal charges Tupac was bombarded with during the early 90's including a rape charge which he vehemently denied (even though they had broken his spirit at this time) and to which forensics found no physical evidence. Even though one could plainly see that Tupac was a victim of false, misleading publicity and propaganda, he was sentenced to 4 and a half years imprisonment and spent 8 months in custody. 



    A jail term did nothing to sully his celebrity though, scoring roles in two critically acclaimed films 'Gridlock'd & Gang Related' (both released posthumously) and his first album release as a free man 'All Eyez On me', debuted Number 1 on the Billboard album charts and sold over five million copies. This left the Illuminati one path of recourse – assassination. 

How was this assassination orchestrated? Through subterfuge and misdirection, namely the East Coast vs West Coast Hip Hop rivalry. This rivalry was orchestrated by The Media and focused primarily on the rivalry between Tupac (West Coast) and Notorious B.I.G and Badboy Records.






There were many players, perpetrators and events defining this rivalry but nothing clarified it as clearly as the shooting of Tupac Shakur. Unfortunately, rappers such as Suge Knight of Death Row Records, Puff Daddy of Bad Boy Records, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Tupac and Biggie played right into the Industry's, Media's & Illuminati's hands throughout this rivalry, creating the image in the mind of the public, that the players of this rivalry were nothing but violent thugs and gang related criminals. This created the notion within the mind of the white, corporate youth that 'these rappers will probably just end up killing each other'. 





    With the image of Tupac discredited through jail time and the validity of his voice/message completely undervalued by a fabricated rivalry between successful minorities, the stage was set to end Tupac once for all. And on September 7th 1996, Tupac was heading out after a Mike Tyson fight on Las Vegas Strip and was shot by an unknown assailant, in full view of an overly crowded thoroughfare, he died six days later in hospital. No one has ever been investigated regarding Tupac's shooting nor has anyone regarding the shooting of Tupac's supposed rivalry and nemesis, Notorious B.I.G. Biggie was shot on March 9, 1997, at around 12:30a.m. By an unknown assailant. 



    I hope this article has offered an insight in to the way the powers that be control us on many levels of society, especially if you a minority, political and within the public eye. This control exists in the shadows of governments and masonic lodges and it spreads its tendrils through major corporations, the news, the media, law enforcement and of course, movies and music. Make up your own mind regarding my suggestion that the 'Illuminati' killed Tupac but do pay attention to the way certain celebrities, on top of their game, suddenly disappear from public view. Do they just need time, want to do something else, or are they truly in fear of their lives?






The Illuminati and Hip Hop

Peformer Interview

by Gene Von Banyard

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