The Inhabitants (2015) Film Thoughts... I have to be honest while I have heard of the Rasmussen Brothers, I have not seen any of their previous work, even the film they wrote for John Carpenter, The Ward (2010). So I have no previous reference to potentially color my review, which is a good thing at times. A young couple buy an old bed and breakfast (the oldest home in all of Merry olde New England, where else?) from the current owners. They are told right away the house has a “history” of sorts and it's being sold with all the old junk in it. Sure enough, as our couple peel back the layers of the proverbial onion, things are getting weird. After the husband comes back from a business trip, something is just not right with the wife and a unexpected discovery in the attic shows that there was something else going on besides the possible “supernatural” events...


What could have been a straight forward, run of the mill ghost story is elevated a bit by a few factors. The Rasmussen Brothers script does have some interesting zingers in there to keep you interested before you start thinking you have seen this stuff previously. There are moments where you are like, “What the hell is she doing that for?” though it kinda needs to be done to advance the better bits of the story. I really did like the “discovery” that I previously mentioned because it makes you think about previous owner was up to (was he trying to figure out the mystery himself or did he stumble upon it being a perv?). The acting was fine, nothing really noteworthy. The film itself has a nice semi-clean look, it captures the New England landscape well. Even though the house is old, they don't shove in your face by trying to make it look “creepy”...the creep factor comes from the events themselves. All in all, The Inhabitants is worth your time. Not a “great” film but a solid one, kinda of a stepping stone to their next. As directors/writers, they have full control and must own it, you can tell they were happy with the results. (The film will be released on October 13th 2015)


The Inhabitants Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend On Film"


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