In The Valley Of The Moon Review


by Phillip Wilcox "Our Movie Demon"


Getting introduced to the work of a filmmaker I've never heard of before sometimes makes me nervous because as a lover of cinema and as an avid film viewer, first impressions mean a lot to me. And if I'm being completely forthcoming, some films are good, some are ok, very few are not my cup of tea. However, there are shimmering moments of being transported through the magic of great storytelling in moving pictures when I see a feature length or short film and it just leaves a lasting impression on me. Writer/Director Brian Rossney's 2015 short film In The Valley Of The Moon reaches that accomplishment in my book!


The story is about two soldiers, one an Irish soldier and the other a German soldier, both fighting WWI when multiple explosions cause the two men to get lost in the foggy aftermath and end up finding each other in No Man's Land. A mistaken identity occurs and the two soldiers become friendly. This story made me think as I began to wonder that if war had not come in the middle of them, would or could these men have become actual friends if they had met through a non-violent set of circumstances? Even if their language barrier was there, I'd like to believe that there is a fundamental connection between human beings when orders to kill one another or being brain washed into tearing at the flesh of our brothers and sisters doesn't get in the way. And I feel like In The Valley Of The Moon taps into that. There was more than a war story here, there was a universal theme attached to it that really resonated with me.


Major Kudos to Brian Rossney for capturing an energy and having a strong vision to accompany blissfully hand in hand with a well crafted story! I commend actors Stephen Mullan and Eric Lalor for truly bringing their characters to life and making them 3 Demensional living, breathing people in just a span of 14 minutes!




Writer/Director: Brian Rossney
Starring: Stephen Mullan, Eric Lalor
Rated: Not Rated 
Running Time: 14 Minutes
Genre: Action/Drama
Year: 2015
How It Can Be Seen: Available Online (YouTube)


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