Intruders (aka Shut In) (2015) film thoughts... As of late, first time feature film directors have been ones to watch because the track record in this category has been excellent. I found out about this film from my buds over at the Dark Discussion podcast. I am not sure why the film's title was changed from the appropriate Shut In to the more generic Intruders, but whatever, that shouldn't stop you from seeing this interesting home invasion film. Yes, it's a home invasion film and there has been recent ones  which are generic as hell, Intruders ups the ante with a plot twist akin to the segment in V/H/S "10/31/98" where a simple uninvited entry to a home leads to bizarre and deadly consequences. Anna is a woman who has a phobia about leaving the house (yes, this has been touched upon in a couple of recent films, here it's very extreme) and her brother is bedridden, dying of cancer. He dies, leaving her to figure out what to do, with the house and a bag full of money at her disposal. The main problem is of course, she cannot "leave" the house and a bigger problem has occured...a trio of men who break into her house knowing there is a pile of money for the taking. The men soon find out they are the ones with the "problem".


First off, this film looks gorgeous. It's shot in a beautiful old Southern home that I would love to live in. There really is no problem with the acting, pacing, style etc... The plot twist I mentioned above is so unexpected and bizarre that it stays in your mind while you try to figure out what just happened. BUT.... I don't understand how the filmmakers put the brakes on this so hard with the weakest explanation about why it is what it is. The first hour of Intruders is really near perfect in it's execution and keeps it's hooks into you. When the "explanation" is told (and by a character that "figures it out"....but how??) it leaves you scratching your head because it would have been better left unsaid. Not knowing who have been more exciting. It gets pretty nasty though, people who like innovative violence will get some kicks. This not to say you should avoid this one, I do recommend seeing it at least once. The director and the film editor have skills for sure. I just wish this one didn't go in the weak direction it did, makes me not want to own it.


The Midnight After Movie Review


by Dave Koenig "A Fiend On Film"


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